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We've finally decided on a name for our baby girl, but we can't decide on how to spell it Hmm Opinions would be appreciated![Poll]

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  • How do you want it pronounced? Vivi-anne sound or Vivi-en?
  • image mZoe:
    We've finally decided on a name for our baby girl, but we can't decide on how to spell it Hmm Opinions would be appreciated!

    We'd like to pronounce it Viv-ee-n.

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  • I would go for Vivien or Vivienne then. I think Vivianne, Viviane, and Vivian all make me want to say "Viv-ee-ann" where as with the first two I would say, "Viv-ee-en." 

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    I like Vivienne, it is such a romantic way to spell it, but not over the top.
  • I like Vivienne too. so pretty!!
  • gorgeous!
    I voted for the first one, but the first two are actually tied for me.  Can't go wrong, though, it's just a beautiful name that can't be ruined by spelling. 
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  • I pronounce Vivian and Vivienne the same. I like Vivian more. I don't like the other spellings.
  • You can't go with the -an spellings if you don't want it pronounced "vivi-ann". Sounds like Vivienne is the spelling you should use for the pronunciation you want. It's very pretty.

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