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Guess what?!?!?!?!


My DH and I decided that it is the best idea for me to stay home with DD from now on. With me and him working full time and paying for daycare, we barely have enough left for groceries and definately not enough for gas. BUT, with him working at least 4 hours over time, we end up with at least double left over at the end of the month when we are not paying for my gas and the daycare.

I am SUPER happy that this is our solution. I have suffered from PPD since DD was born, but I have been on Zoloft for about 3 weeks, and its like a complete 180. I no longer get frustrated at her for no reason, and I no longer want other people to watch her instead of me. We have had problems with the Daycare, shes had to come out at least once a week for the past 4 weeks, so when that happened, my job didnt even pay for the daycare. PLUS, I missed 4 days of work this week b/c DD got hand foot and mouth disease. From a kid at the daycare. not so awesome.

So I have become more attached to DD and I want to be the main one taking care of her ( I knw this seems simple to alot of you, but like  I said, PPD) and she needs her mommy more than anyone.


SO I am very happy and wanted to share with everyone! 

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Re: Guess what?!?!?!?!

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    kat523kat523 member
    Yea!  Congratulations and welcome to the board!!!
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    Great news...congrats!!
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    That's great news!
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    So glad it worked out the way you wanted, welcome to the board.
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    Congrats. It's VERY hard work with a newborn- so go easy on yourself at first. Keep your feelings and emotions in check. PPD is common- but really needs to be monitored. Wish you ALL the best- and definitely keep posting with us to let us know how you are going.


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    I also had PPD but for the exact opposite reasons. DD was born with some special needs and I have to SAH which I really hated at first.  Obviously, she's just over two and I've adjusted to the situation, but it was a long, long time before I was happy.  PPD is very tough.  Be sure to keep the the lines of communication open with your loved ones.  I'm really glad you've found a situation that will make you happy.  That is really awesome!

    Congrats and welcome to the board.

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    I am on Z too (I had anxiety during pg but never had PPD) and the Z has helped me out sooo much!  Happy for you that you're taking it and feeling better.

    My mantra is "no one will take as good of care as your children as you can" and I'm so happy you can experience it.

    There will be good days and some days that you want to pull your hair out and "return to work".  Just take it in stride and realize that a lot of working moms want to be you!

    Join a mom's group.  I did via and it's awesome.  I love my mommies and they're sooo nice. 

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