Er, Bubbles?

If you are blocked, correct me if I am wrong, but wont she NOT see your post asking why you were blocked?


Re: Er, Bubbles?

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    Just FB blocked. 

    And trust me, she has already seen the post. 

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    I may be late to the party, but I think what Bubbs is saying is that she's been blocked on FB, not on here. So, unless that feature works here again (pretty please?!?), I think winery will be able to see that post.

    ~Erica, Mommy to Peyton 9/06 & Cullen 9/09
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    On FB, not here.
    Kill all my demons and my angels might die too. -Tennessee Williams

    You take my ovaries, I take your yarns.
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    Ohhhhhh. gotcha.

    Can someone catch me up on what happened with Brew? I missed the nastiness.

    Was someone nasty to Ms Brewella DeVille? Say it isnt no....

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