Digital SLR Owners???

I am going to get a new camera and am considering getting an SLR.  However, I am concerned that I won't carry it with me as often, therefore, losing my opportunity to get the everyday moments that I get with my point and shoot.  Do you really carry your SLR with you?  Do you have a point and shoot you carry all the time? 

Re: Digital SLR Owners???

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    I don't take mine everywhere, but if I know there might be some good pic opportunities I do.  Admittedly, it's much bulkier to haul around.  I have a Nikon D80.  I do have a point and shoot too (Panasonic) but I forget that half the time now that I have the SLR.
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    I don't carry mine around all of the time - but like the pp, if I know I might get good pics, I take it along (I have a D50).?
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    I take mine everywhere except for place that I will not be able to watch it the water park.  I have the D90

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