Landlords...a question...

We're renting out our home & it recently needed a little electrical work (replacing a plug & outlet) that was rather complicated.  DH & I ran into electrical issues there & they, too, were complicated so when our renters said they spent 4 hours on the project, we knew they weren't lying.

We agreed that we'd pay labor for any work done to the home that wasn't cosmetic, but I don't know how much we should pay.  Obviously I'd pay an electrician a ton to come out for 4 $20 - $25 /hour too much/little? 

Anyone have experience they can share?

Re: Landlords...a question...

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    First of all, YOU need to manage that. You call for bids and everything needs to go through you other than coordinating access.

    And, Electricians charge a little more than 25.00 an hour I am sorry to say. If they need to be there that long, they would first come out and give you an estimate.


    In my experience, letting tenants handle that stuff ALWAYS blows up in your face. Trust me darlin.

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    Ok, I think i didnt read the post thoroughly enough. The TENANTS already DID the work?


    Then have them provide receipts, and yes, 20.00 an hour is more than enough since they arent licensed. Just knock it off the rent.

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    I know :(

    I didn't know about this incident until after it happened...and they said since they thought it would be an easy project, they took it upon themselves to take care of just turned out to be more than they had bargained for.

    Now I feel like my back is up against a wall.  And because they DID take it upon themselves & my FIL (a licensed electrician) could've come & taken care of it for free...I don't want to pay what I would pay an electrician, but figure they should get something for their work.

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    Ahh...thank you!  Yes, they did the work themselves.  $20 it is...

    Thank you!!  I need to just page you with this sh*t.

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    I would not be pleased with the tenants.  I would never have a tenant do work on the rental.  That being said, $20/hr is sufficient. 

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    dpdwdpdw member
    I would ask your FIL to check it to make sure it's safe before you pay them anything.
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