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Any moms of left handers?

Well I can pretty much tell that my son will be left handed (although he does use his right some of the time).  If you have a left handed child, did this pose any problems?  My son is still having trouble using utensils on a regular basis and holding a crayon, even though we always practice (he is on track for his other age developments).  Also, where did you find scissors appropriate for a 2 year old? 

Re: Any moms of left handers?

  • One of my DD's is a lefty- and she's almost 5, so we know she is for good.  I never even thought about it being an issue.  Any blunt scissors should be fine- all the ones I ever found could be used for either L or R. 
  • Kellen, like your ds, uses his left mostly, but sometimes right.  I haven't run into problems yet, but he's only 2.  I haven't tried scissors with him yet, but probably will soon.

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