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RP from 1st tri: Big Sis Tshirt--near FAIL!

I've been meaning to post this since last weekend, but here goes! 

Went to my parents last weekend with DD wearing a "Big Sis" Tshirt!  My mother noticed, but was afraid to say anything (for like an HOUR!) (in case I'd just bought it on sale or it was a hand me down or something!)  My father had absolutely no clue!! After waiting FOREVER for someone to say something, I gave my mom a mini photo album that I'd written "brand new brag book" in the cover insert and had the ultrasound pic inside! 

Finally!  We have a reaction!  But my DAD, when shown the book STILL didn't get it, thinking that it was an old ultrasound picture of NORA-UGH!

Fortunately, Mom explained through her happy tears.  Moral-if you're going for the t-shirt plan to announce the 2nd baby, have a backup plan! 

The next night was my brother's birthday, we pasted a copy of the ultrasound pic in his card and signed it from the three of us and his "brand new niece or nephew" !  This one got the appropriate response-hooray!

Re: RP from 1st tri: Big Sis Tshirt--near FAIL!

  • We got a shirt too and took a picture of P wearing it and emailed it, and my brother responded, why is he wearing a shirt that says big brother?  UGH!  He got it eventually.

    Glad everyone was excited for you once they got it figured out!

  • LOL!  Oh gosh.  I know I would have been like, "Um hello people, did you see her shirt!"  lol.  So funny.  I'm glad they caught on and that everyone was excited!
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  • Oh, gosh! That's pretty funny, though. Glad it at least worked w/ your bro. Hey, your EDD is my DD's b-day :)
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