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Pregnant after 35

Do you feel this way?

I'm new here... just found out that I'm pregnant (I think I actually conceived on my 35th birthday which is neat). 

 Here's my issue:  I've been SO crabby!!  (Especially when I'm hungry - which is every 2 hours!)  I was never like this with my first 2 children.  After I bite someone's head off, I feel really bad for being so mean and have to apologize.  They don't really understand.  The worst time this happens is when I'm sitting down with a snack and someone (one of my kids or my hubby) walks up and grabs some of my snack right out of my bowl/hand/plate/whatever.  I usually don't mind sharing, but lately, when they do that, I LOSE it!  It's like some kind of wild animal response.  Have you guys had this problem? 

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