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have you ever left restaurant when your dc was crying?

so the question again, have you left a restaurant because your dc was uncontrollably crying?

ds is not the kind of kid that cries uncontrollably often (thank god).. a few times he gets fussy when we are shoping and i shop really fast so we can go home... but one time we went to a restaurant and i couldnt even eat, he was trowing food everywhere and crying, disturbing other people so much that me and dh got the "look" from other parents, i had to ask for a box to put my food in and we left!! not fun but it happened to us.. ever been in the same situation? i'm curious..

Re: have you ever left restaurant when your dc was crying?

  • Yes, but just once.  DS was being a total bear and I got up and took him to the car and left DH alone to finish eating. 
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    I haven't gone out to eat at a restaurant lately but about 4 months ago we went to Chilli's.  It was bad timing because it was after work and they were getting tired.  Needless to say I had to take my DD outside until my DH finished his food and paid.  The other few times, they've been pretty good.

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  • Sure have. I actually took DS to the grocery store and as we waited in the long lines to check out when he lost his mind. I had an overflowing cart and I was next to load on the belt and bam. I tried bribing him with anything i could find! Balloons, books, cookies, candy even soda! He just didn't want to be there anymore.

    I caught the eye of the manager who said let me take your groceries and ring them up on another register while you let him get into a new scene. Customers who looked at me as if I were a crappy mom were probably shocked that I got VIP service. I let him walk around as a bag boy and the manager loaded my items and rang them up and even repacked my cart. He sent the boy to find me in the front of the store and he told me the total. I didnt even have to come back in the store the manager handled it all and even loaded my car up for me.

    Although I had great customer service turn my nightmare around had I not there was nothing stopping me from abandoning my cart for a while until DS was happier. That was the last time DS and I shopped together. He either stays home or Daddy goes!

  • Yup.  I went to lunch with FIL and I had to leave and take DS outside for 10 minutes.  I left FIL sitting alone at the table and just got up and left with DS.  I couldn't take it anymore.  DS was climbing all over the booth and trying to touch the people around us, screaming and wouldn't let me hold him.  

    I'm not sure if I got any of those looks or not but I would have taken him out anyway.  Those people don't deserve to be bothered while they're eating.  

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  • It seems like when this has happened, we have been with a group of people (my family usually).  One of us will take DS outside if he's having a meltdown, leaving the other one to finish their meal.

    I don't think it's ever happened when it's just the 3 of us.  :knock on wood:  Although we would probably handle it the same.  One of us take him outside while the other eats.  It would be weird to sit there and each by yourself, though!  lol.

  • Yes, twice. Actually, one time I was with my parents so my dad took him outside...the other time I took him out.
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  • I agree with MamaNikki, it doesn't really happen when it's just me and DH, but it has happened in large groups of family. If there's people that aren't really related to her, just close family friends, she doesn't act up at all. But there have been occasions when it's the whole family and I've had to just get up and go to the car or just go sit in the bathroom until she calmed down. We get the "look" from a few diners around us, but I think I'm way more sensitive to it. After I've exhausted all options, then out we go haha.

     Oh yeah, but we go out to eat all the time, like at least 2 nights out of the week on a slow week so she's gotten very used to that and she knows that screaming or throwing fits in a restaurant is not applauded ;)

  • Not yet, thank God, but I'm sure it's in our furture...with the fits he has been throwing lately.
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  • Thankfully, we haven't had to do that yet.  We have had to leave a restaurant early because one of DDs vomitted on the table, though.  =/
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  • Not since she was tiny.

    But we have done the one walks her out to calm her down while the other one eats thing a few times. Mostly on our cruise last fall because the meals took so freaking long and the accoustics in the dining room made every normal toddler noise ear piercing.

    More often she just gets fidgety at the very end of the meal and one of us takes her to the bathroom or outside while the other waits for the check and pays.

    - Jena
  • I'm a day late, but I'm going to respond anyway. Yes, we have (and I think it's funny that it was also at Chili's, as with a previous poster). But we were still waiting for our food to was bad from the outset. As soon as they brought it we asked for boxes. I took DS out to the truck while DH boxed up our food. Better to have reheated food at home in peace than hot food you can't enjoy, IMHO. :) Most parents have been there, even if they give you "the look."
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