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Moms of boys - gift recommendations?

My best friend just had her second boy and I haven't gotten him a gift yet!  Do you have any gift ideas, considering:

-- she already has tons of clothes from DS #1 (music and videos, too)

-- she's in a very small space, so I don't think she wants a big toy that will clutter the place up (no yard, either)

-- she lives in Honolulu, so nothing for fall/winter

-- she loves to cook, so anything toddler-cooking-related would be great, but I'm drawing a blank.


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Re: Moms of boys - gift recommendations?

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    Hmmm.  That's a tough one.  How about a savings bond?  Gift certificate to a kids store she likes?  Is that too impersonal? 

    I personally love when people buy me gift certificates for Ben because he already has so much.  This way, I can fill in the gaps with what he needs and I'm not getting duplicates of stuff I already have.

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    Diapers?  I think you can do gift cards through or pampers (I know one of the diaper sites has a GC option).

    For a second baby I tend to think practical items.  Diapers, formula, pacifiers, etc.  

    DD1 - 12.25.05
    (m/c 1.17.07, m/c 5.15.07)
    DS - 03.15.08
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    DD3 - 3.28.11
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    kat523kat523 member
    Hmmm... how about finding a monogrammed burpcloth and bib on ETSY or Ebay?  Or, even a monogrammed blanket!  I know my sil who has three boys, loved the personalized books we got for the boys and the boys grew to love them!
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    What about a great cookbook for cooking for her current child and the new one when they start solids.

    Williams Sonoma has a great cookbook and if you google baby and children cookbooks you can find lots of great ones out there.

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    Thanks, ladies!  I'll look into cookbooks, which is a great suggestion, but it's true she's on a tight budget and would probably most appreciate a Target gift certificate.  I think they just got Target in Hawaii only in the last year!
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