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i just wanted to tell you i love your siggy pic!! Bella looks adorable!!! gosh i wish i could go to cali to hang out! i need another pedicure but i have no pedicure buddy.. so i guess i'll go by myself..

Re: ***mrs.aaguilar*******

  • aww, thanks!  you need to update your siggy pic. hehe.  I wish you could come here too.  It would be sooo much fun.  I really want to come back. I miss the slow pace lifestyle. I finally got a pedicure last week, since the last time we went.
  • yeah i know we've been slaking on the pics lately!lol  we dont take as many.. i really hope you guys can take another vacation and maybe come over here again.. it is really peaceful around here and i think in september we have the fall festival.. Wink anyways i hope you guys are doing great! and stay in touch! i'm trying to get on the bump more often :)
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  • My dad and brother are actually going to move back real soon, maybe end of August. I hope to come back and visit next May.  We need to stay in touch.
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