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8+ month finger foods

what are you ladies feeding your little ones, or rather, letting them feed themselves? what are things that you make that you can all eat together that are safe for a baby to also self-feed?

I am so sick of buying jarred baby food and would rather let Zachary feed himself at least one meal a day (like lunch) because I am working so hard that by midday when he wakes up from his nap, I focus on him and never eat lunch and it'd be great to take that time to make lunch for both of us and eat together. I only have a couple of ideas but I would love to hear more.

Today for lunch he had a slice of cheese torn up into smaller pieces that he could pick up eand eat, and "guacamole bread" which was about half of a small avocado mashed up and mixed with some spices and then smeared on a piece of toast which was then cut up into little pieces.

I have also given him a slice of toast with a little butter and cinnamon on it, cut up into little pieces.

I am also going to start doing squished blueberries and making a less spicy turkey meatloaf that is good for him to eat at dinner time (my hubby and I like ours spicy! lol)

Anyway, those are a few of my ideas.... what are yours?

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Re: 8+ month finger foods

  • Sweet potatoes cut into cubes, grilled chicken, tomatoes, watermelon, pasta cut into small pieces, cereals. I also give Max eggs, mangoes, any cooked beans, cooked zuccini or squash. I made a banana bread this week that had cherries and carrots, I cut that into tiny pieces for him. Cubed avocados, rice, really anything that you are eating, he can eat now. Have fun before he starts telling you that he doesnt like what youre giving him!!!
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  • i waited until mady was about 9-10 months to actually give her more finger foods as meals vs. just giving her some finger food snacks.

    but anyways my ideas for your meals are:

    slices of tomatoe


    grilled chicken with veges

    picadillo (ground beef) with rice

    grilled cheese

    sweet potatoe fries (baked not fried)

    mac n cheese with broccoli

    chopped up fruits/bananas etc

    crackers spread with peanut butter and topped with sliced bananas (although i gave this to mady AFTER she turned 1)



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  • thanks!! I'm getting lots of ideas now! I think today may be our first day not eating jarred baby food!!
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  • Another favorite at our house is tiny hummus sandwiches (about 1/2 inch square).
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