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Anyone have the LAUGH & LEARN VACUUM??

Madison LOVES to help me vacuum, I was thinking of getting her that laugh and learn vacuum but I was wondering if I missed the boat...Meaning maybe its too much of a baby toy now? Do your kids still play with it or is it cheesy? Does it really make noise when you move it like a vacuum??  TIA

Re: Anyone have the LAUGH & LEARN VACUUM??

  • DD got it for her first birthday. She's never been big on it, but she has played with it more now than then. I think it's cute, but I love all the L&L!
  • MIL has it at her house for DD.  She didn't like it very much before, but in the last few months or so, LOVES it.  It helps that she's super into cleaning. 

    I think the time for it may have passed now that she prefers to play catch or with bubbles, but I don't think it's too young for her.

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  • It's one of Eva's favorite toys! ?She even follows me around with it when I am vacuuming. ?I wish it really vacuumed- it would save me a lot of work!
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  • DS loves the vacuum so we got him the laugh and learn one for x-mas.  Every time I vacuum he follows me around the house with it but I wish I would have gotten the one that actually works, they were all sold out at x-mas last year. 
  • DS got it for his 1st bday.  one of the worste toys ever.  awful.
  • DD got it for xmas from MIL and she has barely played with it. I'm glad I didn't waste my own money on it.
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  • DD got it for her first birthday. She rarely plays with it, honestly.
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