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just fell asleep...

I don't normally post a lot, but I'm trying my hardest not to be labeled a "lurker"  :)  So I thought I'd post that my daughter just feel asleep on her own, just as I was pretty much ready to give up "nap training"  The things I get so excited for nowadays!!!
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Re: just fell asleep...

  • yea! BabySpree!  Do it again tonight, because your Mama really needs it!
  • Welcome! I lurked for a lil while too...but its so much more fun to be part of the board now....def. very addictign but I'm glad I came out of lurkign to meet all these great ladies.

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  • That was an awesome feeling fo rme to!!! It still is....esp when we have people over and they say...."hes just going to go to sleep?". The smile always comes to my face!
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  • YAY for self-soothing!
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  • Hey stranger - and yay for her falling asleep on her own - that is great! :)
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