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Your 2 year old...what do you DO with them?


What do you DO with your 2 year old??


I'm in a rut and need inspiration!

I have a 2 year old (27 months) and a 3 month old. As we are finally settling back into normalcy since having the baby..I feel like I do NOTHING with my toddler.  He has every toy imaginable to play with, but we are bored.  He wants and needs me to play with him (though he is excellent on his own)  I have no idea what to do with him. He is still not into reading as much as I would like him to be, but we still do it 15 minutes each day. We do playdough, play outside (which is typically going for walks, or pushing his playmower.) He seems so unmotivated to try new things...(and yes, i understand that repetitive play is a way of learning) but i want to interact more.  Any ideas of things to do? Looking for both inside and outside play.


Re: Your 2 year old...what do you DO with them?

  • We have a water table. I got sponge letters and shapes that she plays with a lot - scooping them as she names the letter/shape, squeezing them, etc. I also freeze plastic toys or marbles into ice cube trays or big bans and she uses the water to melt them and rescue the toys.

    Bubbles, shaving cream, "gak" and "ooblek" - you can Google the recipes, watering plants, picking weeds, sidewalk chalk, painting the walls with water, cleaning her outside toys with a bucket of soapy water, sweeping.

    Inside we do lots of projects with paint, glue and coloring. DD uses her play kitchen constantly - I ask her to make me things in it. We also have a bunch of toys, so I try to set out a toy in the morning that she hasn't played with in a while. She really likes singing/dancing lately, so we listen to lots of music and play tunes on her xylophone.

    We do a lot of reading first thing in the morning when she's still waking up - she's calm enough to pay attention.

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  • Have you tried any arts and crafts projects? ?I know you have the 3 month old but if you set him up with lots of crayons and paper that may keep him occupied for a while. ?Or, how about computer time. ?There are lots of pre-school related games, CDs, and DVDs. ?You can teach him how to play those games and give him 10 minutes of computer time maybe twice a day. Outside activities could include either a sandbox or water table now that it's warm out. ?He can splash around and have fun with that while you sit outside and hold the baby or if your newborn is napping you can perhaps play with him or set him up on his own and keep an eye on him from a nearby window or sliding door. ?This would be great, especially if you have a closed in backyard. ?You can also set him up with some non-toxic paint and a few paintbrushes and some thick paper. ?Tape the paper down to the ground and dress him in some old clothes and let him paint. ?He can use his hands and feet to make hand/foot prints. ?(Messy but most kids love to make messes and that could keep him occupied for a while--if you think he'd happen to like that sort of thing.) ?
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  • bake something together. my 2 yr old likes doing this. i keep it very simple - mixes or jello pudding into the small graham cracker crust cups - then we all have dessert together after dinner.

    she also "sets" the table - i use paper goods for those days. I give her the items one at a time and she places them out. you can "set" the table inthe afternoon, in preparing for dinner. this takes time.

    we color a lot too. i've done a few little decoupage projects with her - she rips the paper, and uses a foam brush to put down the glue medium and then sticks the paper down. she lasts maybe 20 minutes doing this stuff, but it's enough.

    we look through family photo albums and point out the people we know.


  • Try joining an area MOMS Club!!!  You can find your local chapter at  We are very active in our local club and Alex loves going to play with his friends.  It's great to be in different houses with other kids' stuff.  Often the activity is centered around something for the kids to do.  It's great for getting out of the house and keeping the kids active and occupied.  Plus, it's great for moms to get to socialize too. 
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