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Need lunch ideas

I really need some new lunch ideas for my son. He isn't a fussy eater but I feel like I am giving him the same things on a rotation. Beside leftovers, what are you feeding your child for lunch? Any recipes? Thanks

Re: Need lunch ideas

  • DS loves chicken quesadillas, wraps, sandwiches, chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, hot dogs.
  • Lunch meat, fruit, yogurt, chicken tenders, fish sticks, mac n cheese, home fries (she LOVES potatoes), scrambled eggs, corn dogs, veggies, man..anything really! 
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  • I make little pizzas on pitas that Eva loves (they are easier to bite into than english muffins but those work too!). ?I add sauce, cheese and any veggies I have leftover from dinners.?

    Another favorite is cream cheese and jelly sandwiches (I love them too!). ?Eva can't have peanut butter yet so I make these instead. ??

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