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Diaper Recs.

My son is not ready for potty training after several attempts, but he is leaking his diapers during the night terribly.  Anyone have any diapers suggestions?  We currently use Huggies!


Re: Diaper Recs.

  • We use Pampers (Cruisers).  We've never had a problem with them.
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  • Huggies Overnights work GREAT!!!
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  • Wanted to add that if he is leaking a lot, maybe you should go up a size.
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  • We use Huggies overnight diapers.  They have extra absorption.  I think Pampers makes an overnight diaper as well but I've never used them.  
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  • We used the Huggies Overnight diapers too.  We get a size bigger than he would normally wear.  We bought some of the new Pampers overnight diapers a few weeks ago, but they don't seem to work as well.  I think we'll go back to the Huggies once we're finished with the box we have now.
  • What size do they make the Huggies overnights up to?  He is in a size 6 now, I don't think I can go up anymore?!

  • imageSept17.05Bride:
    Huggies Overnights work GREAT!!!

     I agree!

  • Huggies overnights too! DD is still not a fan of the potty so during the day (and sometimes at night even) we use Earth's Best in size 6. Seems bigger than other size 6s but they seem way more absorbent to me than any other diaper - and I've tried them all.

     There's also Nature Babycare. I've used the training pants. They're very weird looking but they hold a lot. Only downside is sometimes the gel stuff gets stuck to DD's skin, but I still use them when I can't find others.

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