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Stacyc625's post about labor

showed me how funny some of your situations are, but more importantly some of us have gone through WICKED long labors!  I was in labor for 44 hours before DD decided to make her entrance, which is similar to others here.  So crazy!

Anyway, I'm all about labor right now because I'm due in a couple months and I'm FREAKING out about how long my labor will be this time around.  I know it's pointless because it will be what it will be, but has anyone else had an excrutiatingly long labor for their first and then a short one for their  second... **crosses all fingers, toes, legs, arms...**


Re: Stacyc625's post about labor

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    they usually say the second one is faster!!! of course i hope that for you!

    mine wasn't too too bad. i think in total it was 19hrs from first contraction to birth. I would NEVER EVER wish 44hrs on anyone.  you get a medal there! phew.

    i posted a message in response in the vacation post- my BIL lives right in Manchester- we go there often. Very nice area. i think we are going to try to visit him for Christmas this year :)

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    I'm in trouble if the second one is faster... my contractions started at 3 am and DS was born at 11:19 am!
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