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Traveling to Aruba...

I have a question!  If u have traveled somewhere caribbean, did u bring a carseat? I know in Aruba that mostly the city bus is the way people travel, or walk.  I figured our umbrella stroller would be fine bc DS isnt overly thrilled about being in a stroller anymore anyways. I know he wont sit in the carseat on the plane, so can i forgo it?  We arent renting a car or anything...just curious thanks!

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    We traveled to St. Martin when DS was 20 months old & we rented a car & carseat when we got there.  I haven't been to Aruba, so I'm not sure what that island is like, but honestly we wouldn't have enjoyed our trip as much if we didn't have a car.  With the typical unpredicatability of a toddler the last thing I'd want to worry about is relying on public transportation.  Plus, I wouldn't be 100% comfortable about letting DS ride without a carseat.  Is there a reason you aren't renting a car? 
  • we are not renting a car bc everything is located in two main locations...either right down in the downtown area (where parking is very limited) or at the other end of the island where all the hotels are and everything is basically in walking distance. So, the city bus runs up and down, and it is a lot like the buses we have here in Orlando for disney. People dont have carseats on it, mostly they get on it with their DC in a stroller. Renting a car would be a pain in Aruba just bc of the way the island is laid out.
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  • Just got back from Jamaica a few weeks ago. ?DD was 21 months at the time and we didn't bring a carseat. ?She flew on our laps both ways and we used our Maclaren stroller to transport her around. ?The flight was a little miserable here and there because DD likes to walk around and that is pretty much impossible for her to do. ?But, we brought snacks and luckily the plane was equipped with TV monitors in the headrests and the Nickelodeon channel was an option to watch. ?That, combined with the long naps she took, made for a pretty OK experience and we didn't miss (or really need) the carseat at all. ?Our hotel provided transportation to and from the airport and there were also shuttles that took us to nearby shopping sites and restaurants. ?Also, there were lots of parents with small children on the shuttle with us at different times and I don't recall seeing anyone with carseats. ?

    FWIW, we also went to Cabo San Lucas last year when DD was just 9 months old and we didn't get a carseat then, either. ?We used a taxi to get to and from the resort.?

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