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Pregnant after 35

BFP and feeling strangely emotional

I'm 40 and we have an amazing beautiful 2yr old girl.  For a long time now, I felt like I desperately wanted to have another.  We finally decided to start trying and I just got a BFP.  But instead of feeling happy I just can't stop worrying about everything that could go wrong.  And I keep worrying about how my relationship with my DD is going to change.  She is used to being the center of our universe and it makes me sad that she is going to have to share our attention.  I know this is crazy, I just don't know how to snap out of it.  Has anyone ever felt this way?  Anyway, thanks for reading.
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Re: BFP and feeling strangely emotional

  • I feel everything you are feeling....we had a Downs scare with DD, thankfully she turned out to be 100% healthy..however I am now 38 and my fears are killing me. I also feeling like I am cheating my little girl somehow by having a another baby and having to share my attention.

    You are not alone!!!!

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  • Yes!  I have felt that way on and off since I got my BFP...I am excited but at the same time not ready for all the changes a baby is going to bring.   My DH and I just got married in May and I feel like we've barely had time to enjoy being married...we enjoy going out and the freedom to do whatever we want and whenever....I knew it was going to to end but didn't expect it to end this quickly!  Plus - I don't want to share my DH yet! 

    At the end of the day, I am SO excited and feel really blessed that we didn't have trouble getting pg (since we are older)...but there is a range of emotions that I feel on a day to day basis.  I think (at least hope) that's normal and doesn't make me a terrible person! 


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