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s/o Nevaeh

First of all, let me preface this by saying it's a horrible name and I would never consider it for my child. But out of curiosity, how do you pronounce Nevaeh? Or Neveah for that matter?

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  • nee-vah
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  • I think it is pronounced Nuh-vay-uh
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  • Gotta wonder who would spell Heaven backwards to "invent" a name.
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    I think it is pronounced Nuh-vay-uh

    this, but I agree w/OP, NMS AT ALL.  But to each his/her own.

  • I've seen this name a lot where I live, and everytime I've heard it pronounced it has been "Nuh-VAY-uh."
  • Nah-Vay-Uh.  It's Heaven backwards, right?  I just remember being in line at the grocery store about six years ago and the guy in front of me with his little girl in the cart.  He was trying to pay for his groceries with a declined card, couldn't find enough food stamps in his wallet, and put back a carton of milk without putting back his cigarettes and telling me and the checker that his daughter was named Nevaeh.  He had very few teeth and didn't smell so nice.  That's my only mental connection to the name so I don't really care for it.
  • I have yet to meet an actual child with this name, it always surprises me how popular it actually is. I agree that it is terrible.
  • Its "Nuh Vay UH" Pretty sure every teenage mom on welfare in my town names their daughter that. UGH!

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  • I've seen dozens of Nevaehs and Neveahs.  All pronounces nuh-VAY-ah.  It's very popular among people with Medicaid who populate Peds ERs in NC and MA.
  • This is the worst name ever! I am a nurse at a children's hospital and all the young moms name their  kid this and then tell you it is heaven spelled backwards!! Idiots! I say yep I have heard that name alot!
  • Nuh-vay. I can't stand this one. It's awful.
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