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Who's in the Greensboro/HP area? A question.

Hi ladies. Once upon a time on the Knot I was jlgregson83, then I was jprichard777 on the Nest. Don't know if you remember. Anyway, that's not the point.

Lobster and I are beginning to research TTC and BR stuff. Can anyone in the GSO/HP area give me an idea about daycare costs?

Also, do you have any recommendations about an OB/GYN? I have been to Physicians for Women in Greensboro, but I'd like to deliver at HP Regional and none of the physicians deliver there.


Re: Who's in the Greensboro/HP area? A question.

  • I go to physicians for women and delivered at women's so I can't help you there.  I also haven't really had to research daycare cost too much because my Mom is watching Nora right now, but I know that there are places like Primrose that run about $800 and there are much cheaper places too.  I know a few Mom's with kids at Wesley Long and they love it there.  Also, Kids R Kids is popular too.  Sorry I'm not too much help!
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  • I'm in Winston, but the daycare costs are pretty much the same here.  At our center (4 star), it's $164/week for an infant.  I've looked at some 3 star places that are $20-$30 less/week.  5 star places were about the same.  Unless you do Goddard or Montessori, then it's going to be higher. 

    I go to Lyndhurst OBGYN.  I think they might have an office in K'ville, I'm not sure about GSO.  Can't help you much there :(


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  • I'm in Winston-Salem, so not far at all.  Unfortunately when it comes to that kind of thing, the two cities are quite separate.  I've heard wonderful things about Dr. Dorn out of HP, and I've heard great things about the hospital there too.  There are a few GSO/HP ladies who hopefully will chime in for you!
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  • Thanks ladies... I'm glad to see that the $600-800 I had planned will likely be about right.

    I'll check out Dr. Dorn alchris, thanks :)

  • You can also try going to the state's childcare website and looking up a few places around you.  If they have a website it will list it and you can see the prices there, just to get a general idea.

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  • Ds was a VBAC delivery at HPR by Dr. Dorn, and he is wonderful. ?You should give him a call.?
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