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I've been waiting for this...

The other day, Ryan came home and started to play with A.  Clearly A missed him.  I had a tear in my eye when I realized how much he loves him and how good he is with him.  Things are so different suddenly. A few weeks ago Dh felt guilty for dreading coming home from work to crying, reflux, not-eating baby. 

A's so much easier and so much fun.  Dh looks forward to coming home from work and seeing him.  We "fight" over who gets to play with him.  I remember when it was the opposite because we were so stressed and frustrated. 

We're over the hump!!


Re: I've been waiting for this...

  • Yay, yay, yay! That's awesome, Kathy! Y'all have been through so much, I'm sure it's a huge relief for things to be getting easier/more enjoyable now.


    Judging from the pics on your blog, Andrew really seems to be thriving. He seems like such a smiley little guy, anymore! 

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  • That's so great!  It only keeps getting better too...wait until he repeats your words for the first time and fake laughs to try and get you to laugh.  Babies are such a blessing!!!
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  • Yes

    So happy to hear things are going well.  He's such a cutie and so lucky to have such wonderful parents. 

  • oh, that's so awesome to hear!
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  • I'm so glad to hear that, I know those first few months home were such a struggle.  It's wonderful that you are all so happy!

  • YAY!!

    I'm looking forward to that day, too...even though everyone keeps telling me to enjoy this stage! I am, of course, but I'm excited for the day when Ella can give something back!

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  • this just made my heart smile Smile  i'm so glad A is doing better!
  • Aww! That's so great! I think this age is much better than the "sack of sugar" age. It's so fun to laugh and play and actually get a response.


  • yay yay yay!!!! I bet that must be SUCH an amazing feeling. You two seem like such great parents.
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  • That is so great!!
  • I am really glad that things are go so well for you:>
  • That's AWESOME news!  I'm so happy things are going so well now!  And I adore the new sig pic!
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