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Does your DH ever..

go to Happy Hour with work people?? Does he ever invite you to meet up?? Would you even want to?

Re: Does your DH ever..

  • He has a few times, but he works a bunch of guys... most of them I know well.  He doesn't invite me, but I wouldn't go if he did. : )

    IF he worked in an office setting with women I would feel better about it if I went a tome or two just get to know them.  Then I wouldn't mind if he went alone.

  • He doesn't do Happy Hour, but he sometimes goes to dinner or lunch w/ work people. But usually that's when he's on-duty. If I'm available, I'll go - it's more about the "not having to cook" than about meeting his work people.

    ETA: I'm always invited to anything that DH is doing.

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  • He does, but not as often as before.  When we didn't have kids, I'd sometimes go.  When we had E, he went a few times, and I didn't mind staying home with her.  He's only been once since we had S, and he didn't stay very long.

    I actually kind of miss it.  I didn't mind hanging out with the teachers.  We don't have a sitter, though, that we can just call up.  And I don't like to leave the girls at daycare longer than I have to.

  • We went onced. DH never goes. He wanted to go bc they were nagging him so he brought me along and now I can put the names with the faces to all the crazies he always talks about! LOL

    Neither DH or I drink anymore so it wasn't our scene plus although I didn't believe him at first but his coworkers are a bunch of horny homewreckers that we don't want to be around!

  • FloF9FloF9 member
    He works at an autoshop - he plays cards some Friday nights.  They are old, grizzly, smoke and drink a ton, so no I wouldn't want to be around.
  • Hmmm interesting perspectives :)
  • imageDani123:
    Hmmm interesting perspectives :)

    So what's your view?

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  • he doesn't, but if he did I would be invited... not sure I'd go. but he always invites me to go with him
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  • DH will stay after work every once in awhile & have some beers. He works w/all guys too. Sometimes they will want to go to a restaurant bar & I am always invited. I'll go if I'm not busy.

    He would never to this regularly. He would rather be home w/me & the girls. 

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  • imagebrightning:

    Hmmm interesting perspectives :)

    So what's your view?

    Well, I WAH now....but before the kids when I went ito my office everyday, we had happy hours all the time ( we are a fun lively bunch, girls and guys)and I always invited DH to come have a beer and hang out...sometimes he came and sometimes not.....I totally dont care that he goes but he NEVER invites me and it annoys me LOL!  Remember this job is like a year old and Ive never met anyone there..

  • DH doesn't do things after work, except work events.  I definitely don't have happy hours, and I wouldn't go if I did. 

    If DH did have a happy hour type thing, I would not expect an invitation.  That would be his time with his workers to do his thing.  I might make an appearance once in a while if all the other wives came out, but in general, I would not go.

  • I go out for a drink every Friday with the two other managers in my office. DH is still working since we leave to go at 4pm. We are done by 5:30pm and I am home before my DH or Katie gets there. It works.

    He goes out on occasion with his co-workers as well. We just trade- off and one of us is always with Katie.

    I encourage him to socialize outside of the office as I feel it brings a sense of comradery to the group when working.

    We attend events together that we are able to such as dinner or weekend parties.

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  • DH works with people that he has gotten very friendly with. One of the guys has become a very close friend, and I adore his wife. So, we have done stuff with them out of work, and attend eachother's kids bday parties and such,  He has on occasion gone out for drinks with other coworkers after work, and has invited me. I never go, only bc id have to get a sitter then. He goes to lunch with a bunch of people too on a regular basis, and if I am off work I stop by on occasion to join them
  • nope! he works with a bunch older ladies! the only guy about his age works in the warehouse and they take lunch breaks at different times! besides him going out to lunch with his dad sometimes (they work together) no drinking or going out with coworkers happens.. and even if it was happening maybe he would invite me but i wouldnt go..  sometimes all the office has lunch together, they order pizza and he does call me to go have lunch there because the ladies love to see ds.. and its a small office also only about 8 or 10 people total and dh's dad is the owner..
  • DH never has, but he works from home and his actual office in is NYC so he really has no opportunity to. ? When he's there he does go out to dinner with his co-workers.

    Me, on the other hand, I loved going to happy hour with my co-workers! ?I miss it! ?DH was always invited but rarely went because we would end up talking shop and he'd be bored.?

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  • before having Carson dh's job at that time had them all the time and he always invited me and i always went.  we all had fun.  my work very rarely had hh.  now that we have Carson and dh has a new job we have not had hh's.  but if we did we would not mind it if the other one went. 
  • No he does not.
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  • At Dh's work its a little different.  He is a services tech for Xeroz, so he is always out in the field working. They never hang out outside of work.
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