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need ideas!

let me start by saying NO I AM NOT PREGNANT! but I am hoping it happens within the very near future.

Anyway, what would be a very original and fun way to surprise DH with the news. I am a blabber mouth but am going to try to keep it a secret so that I can surprise him. It has to be something that can be done THAT day since I won't be able to hold onto the secret for more than a day.

I want to have the boys involved in sharing the news aswell...would love to hear your ideas!

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  • I don't have anything, but I'm curious to hear what others say since I would like to do something original this time around too!!!
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  • leanna, when I was pregnant with Nate, we had been trying for so long, I had a tons of ideas! but the day came for me to test and Sebastian followed me in the bathroom (it was like 7am) and I yelled at Eric to come and get him out so I could pee "in peace".... well the test came back positive before he had a chance to leave the bathroom and I couldn't help but scream it out!

    For our friends, I had a shirt that read " I [heart] my pregnant mom" it took a while for them to understand but it was great to see their faces especially since they knew how badly we wanted it!

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  • ok i always planned to tell him via a hallmark card....which i had bought before i got pg and just stored it just in case...however the shock of poas and it coming out positive just drove me to scream for him so he can see what my eyes were seeing!

    i did give him the card that night though - i wrote it as if the baby was talking to him.

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  • OMG, look at that pic of Sebastian!!

    Hmmmm, well here are a few of my suggestions.

    -Order Chinese that night and slip your own pre-printed fortune into his cookie that says "Virginia is pregnant!".  

    -Have the boys draw a family picture of Mommy, Daddy, Sebastian, Nate and "baby" and write "Mommy's Pregnant!" on the top and have the boys give it to him when he gets home from work.

    -Wrap up the positive test in a beautifully wrapped gift box and place it on his dinner plate to unwrap (or lunch plate since he comes home for lunch).

    I can probably think of more, but I need to hop off the computer.  If I come up with anything really good,  I'll post again.


  • That shirt is so cute!!!! 

    The fortune cookie idea is adorable!!

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  • I dont have any cool ideas, but I want to share how I told my DH and family that we were expecting our second baby. I told Davisito to take the pg test to daddy, and tell him that he was going to be a big brother. DH was very suprised since we weren't planning to get pg. I waitied one month to tell our families, I wanted to give them the news on xmas eve. I got Davisito a red shirt that read "Big Brother" As soon as he walked in the house everyone noticed and hugged him. Are you looking for the girl? Or you would like another boy?
  • i would get a BIG brother shirt for Nate.  Also the other dar i made cup cakes for Charlotte's class and frosted some blue and some pink, and thought that it would be cool for Richard to come home oneday and find these with a boy and girl and maybe question marks iced on top of them... hth and hope to hear some good news VERY soon <3

  • I suck at ideas... the day I found out, everyone knew!! LOL! Just wanted to say good luck and hope to hear happy news from you soon!
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  • you know how universal has "thing 1 & 2"  maybe you can make shirts that say that and then a onesie that reads thing 3.
  • all those ideas are so cute!!! and V, Seb was a baby when you got preg! I barely remember him looking like that. where did the time go?? As for ideas I always liked the card Elizabeth did for her family....the priceless could take a pic of you and the boys and put the regular priceless stuff and then end with the whole seeing your face when you realize there are 4 of us in this pic (or more :) )

  • don't jinx me Beth, we all know you have secret powers!
  • *insert evil laugh* ;)
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