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Help me think about this...scheduling flights

We will be going to a friends wedding in Orlando in October. We can either drive or fly obviously, but we are thinking about flying to avoid a really long drive with a wiggly toddler.

What flight would you try for assuming your toddler normally takes a two hour nap from 12:00 to 2:00? The flight is only 1.5 hours but IF he sleeps on the plane it will likely only be for an hour at most since he will be too busy checking out the new surroundings.

Would you try for a mid morning flight and assume that he may not sleep (very little or not at all) during the flight and he can nap closer to his normal nap time at the hotel?

Would you try to pick a flight that covers his usual nap time and hope and pray that he takes a decent nap and will just go to bed a little earlier?

Scrap the whole planning thing and pick the cheapest most direct flight and deal with it knowing that he will be back on a better schedule the next day?

Any tips for taking a toddler to a wedding? I'm not really sure what kind of a wedding it will be but John was included on the invite so obviously they are okay with him being there.

 If you made it through this much reading - Thanks!!


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Re: Help me think about this...scheduling flights

  • Since flights can be unpredictible and screw up your plans anyway, I would just say pick the cheapest flight (other than if it is multiple stops - just direct) and deal with it.  However, this is coming from someone whose baby hasn't arrived yet.  I can just see planning around the flight then it getting screwed up anyway.
  • When I booked my flight I picked the nonstop choice as all the others had layovers and I was not a fan of having to do that by myself with Jack. We are taking a direct flight and it was also the same price as the others. I would def. pick a direct flight over picking a time but Jack is also pretty good about sleeping wherever.
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  • I'd pick based on shortest travel time and we avoid the early morning flights b/c remember you'll have to be there probably about 2 hrs a 8 am flight, you have to be there by 6 or 6:30 which means you're getting LO up at what time? 6 am flight--even worse!  We try to avoid having to wake DS up early to catch a plane knowing that he is not likely to nap--don't want to double whammy him--up earlier and no nap.



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  • Scrap the whole planning thing and pick the cheapest most direct flight and deal with it knowing that he will be back on a better schedule the next day?

    I'm voting for this option.  That's what we did for our cruise and luckily she did sleep some on the flights.

    No advice on the wedding thing though...we haven't taken her to any weddings yet. 

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  • I would go with the cheapest flight. I have taken a 6am flight with dd more than once and she did just fine with it. She slept most of the way both times. So, just get what is the cheapest and realize that he might be a little screwed up with his schedule for a day or 2.

    As for the wedding... I'd just sit in the back, with LOTS of snacks, and books. Just be prepared to have you or your DH walk out with John if he's making a lot of noise.

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