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Should I just let him poop?

During our PT journey so far, Cole still has not pooped on the potty.  He's been in big boy underwear all week.  2 accidents Wednesday.  None yesterday.  Yesterday evening, though, he started getting the poop face.  I said "WAIT" and put him on the potty.  He wouldn't poop.  He sat there for a few mintues then said, "No want go potty."  So I let him go.

Then it happened again about an hour later.  Poop face.  "Wait!"  Put him on the potty.  Nothing.  I even tried to help by grunting and saying, "Let's push that poo poo out!  Push!  Push!" and grunting until I was red-faced.  DH said he wished he had that on video.  LMAO!  Nothing.  No poop. 

The problem is that as of now, he still hasn't pooped at all.  I don't want him to start withholding his poop or anything. 

What do I do?  Keep stopping him and putting him on the potty with the thinking that he will have to poop sometime?  Or just let him poop in his underwear so that he will finally go?

Re: Should I just let him poop?

  • Does he have a potty on the floor? I've read they need to have something to push against with their legs.

    I'd just let him poop so he doesn't get impacted, and then have him watch you dump it into the toilet so he can see where it's supposed to go. My DD has only pooped on the potty twice so far because she usually poops first thing in the morning - I think it wakes her up - so she's still in her bedtime Pullup. But when she did poop on the toilet, she was sooooo proud. She admired it for a good 30 mins! Maybe just going once will be enough to make him excited about it?

    It sounds like he is doing really great!!!

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  • I would let him start pooping when you get there and then say something like 'hurry you have to go poop. let's finish on the toilet'. Then rush him to the toilet and let him finish there. He needs to get that it's ok to poop on the toilet. It may mean a dirty pair of underwear but it might help get things going. He is still little and may not be getting the whole poop/body/signal/toilet thing quite yet.

    The process I did suggested putting them on the toilet as you pull their underwear down dumping the poop into the toilet. It's a little tricky but it simulates them pooping into the toilet. Then they can finish there if they haven't already. Don't treat it as an accident. Praise up and down, stickers, prizes whatever you do. The first poop on the toilet is HUGE. 

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