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Good news/bad news

Good news- Maddie has learned to sit up on her own from her belly! She is also trying really hard to pull up, so I don't think it'll be more than a few weeks before she's able to do that.

Bad news- all she wants to do in her crib during naptime is sit up and try to pull up! Hopefully the novelty passes quickly b/c she is driving me crazy in there!

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This is what I get when I ask for a smile now.

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Re: Good news/bad news

  • YAY!!! Go Miss Maddie!! (And I hope she starts napping better!!)
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  • Yay Maddie!  Whenever Liam mastered a new skill like that, it would usually mess up his sleep for a week or so while he practiced in the crib (rolling, sitting and then standing) then the novelty wore off and he was back to normal.  It's always a long week though!

    Good news - it's so much easier to pick up a sitting/standing baby in the crib after a nap!  I hate when he's still lying down, it's so hard to reach him to pick him up! :)

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  • Yay Maddie!  That is great! 

    I hear you on the crib stuff.  Every time Nate learned something new, he'd "practice" all night long and he'd wake himself up sitting up in the corner of the crib, or up on all fours, or pulling up to standing & getting stuck.  Luckily they learn how to get themselves back down to sleep within a week or two.  Hang in there!

  • yay Miss Maddie!! how exciting!! I hope she gets back to napping well soon too. Jack loved to practice more in his crib too...oh the joys~!
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  • Ahh! I can't say I'm looking forward to that milestone... Ugh! Holly's crib is still on the highest position, and it sure it nice. :-)

    But go Maddie for being such a big girl!

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  • Yay for sitting/pulling on napping, hope that gets better soon!

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  • Yay Maddie! I remember these times, it made naps very frustrating! Hope the novelty wears off soon :)
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