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Mommy jobs? I wanna SAH

Hi ladies!!

I thought this might be the best place to start in my job hunt. I've got a B.A. in Public Relations, Journalism, and Writing... I don't care so much WHAT I do, but WHERE I do it. Im looking for mommy jobs I can do from home- at least during my (unpaid) maternity leave. Website suggestions or companies who lend themselves well to this?



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Re: Mommy jobs? I wanna SAH

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    kat523kat523 member

    I have some WAH job sites listed on my blog.  I always see jobs for writers and public relations, so I think you can definitely find something:)  You can also contact local smaller PR firms in your area to see if they need p/t help from home.  Lastly, there are plenty of other options, like tutoring, that you can do from home:)  Good luck!

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    I'd check out message boards like Work Place At Home and for job leads, etc. It seems like the individuals who are skilled writers bring in the most income with work-at-home jobs. Good luck!
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    I was looking for an extra possible money-maker too. I am a teacher now but would like to SAH for at least a year after we have our first. My DH is a teacher too so its not like a lot extra money is floating around. Any other general ideas about how to make money staying at home? Thanks :)
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