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Pregnant after 35

**PG/Moms>35 Weekly Check-In: 7/31**

Hello everyone! It's Friday July 31, 2009 and hopefully today is a good day for three stubborn babies to make their arrivals. Sending labor vibes to Puckchick, Mari & Chandra!

I can hardly believe tomorrow is August! I hope the weather by you is better than it is by me?though with so many of us living in the NYC suburbs, you're stuck with the rain too.

Anyway, please post any updates in this thread. I'm trying to keep up with due dates, baby names, baby's sex, births... and if you're missing from the list and want to be added, please let me know.

And if I do go into labor before next Friday (not opposed to it Wink), I'll catch up in a few weeks.


Pregnant Moms by Due Date

Puckchick:  7/26/09  - Unknown
Moiselle (Mari):  7/27/09  - Girl
Sunny70 (Chandra):  7/30/09  - Girl
SFAug07 (Kathi):  8/5/09 - Girl
robynlesley (Robyn):  8/6/09 - Boy
iluvtom: 8/19/09  - Girl
psvenson: 8/20/09  - Boy
NewMrs07 (Cristina):  8/26/09  - Boy
Richelle021 (Richelle):  8/30/09  - Boy
ml0904 (Michelle): 8/31/09 - Girl
aracely523: 9/1/09 - Girl
KD288 (Kristina):  9/1/09  - Boy
dsoltys (Dina):  9/16/09  - Boy
fauxshelley (Shelley): 9/21/09 - Boy
JenniferTCU (Jen):  9/21/09  - Boy
JennandJT (Jenn):  9/21/09
indyrowergirl:  9/23/09  - Boy
sistrkate (Katie): 9/26/09  (sched. c/s 9/21/09)
rsd12 (Robyn): EDD 9/26/09 - surprise
maschmidt (Mary):  9/29/09
Diannadiva:  10/1/09 - Girl
thefuturemrskudla (Melissa):  10/2/09  - Boy
Peppernut:  10/13/09  - Girl
Gossip Girl:  10/23/09  - Girl
&&: 10/24/09  - Surprise
GINBLOSSEM (Jennifer):  sched. c/s 10/26/09 - Boy
Mariahcohen:  sched. c/s 10/29/09 - Boy (Drake)
Shelby9201 (Michele): 11/2/09  - Girl
BrideBuddies (Suzanne):  11/6/09  - Surprise
Benoitfan (Kelly):  11/7/09  - Boy
kdbennett (Kari): 11/11/09  - Boy/Boy
nisems (Denise): 11/11/09  - Girl
carladillon (Carla):  11/13/09  - Girl
Happeewife:  11/17/09  - Boy
matildasun:  11/20/09
Pinkysun:  11/23/09  - Boy
2jssoontobe3jsmomma: 12/6/09  - Girl
leffe1 (Sharon):  12/17/09  - Surprise
[email protected] (Louise):  12/18/09  - Girl
smileygirl75 (Ada):  12/17/09 - Unknown
lebraly (Laura):  12/27/09  - Girl
dsenean:  12/28/09  -  TBD / TBD
patsrool (Dawn):  12/30/09  - TBD
kmtfu: 1/2/10 - TBD
daisydana (Dana):  1/4/10  - Surprise
livvielo (Lisa):  1/7/10
Jerseygirl16:  1/19/10
rlkjos 1005 (Robin):  1/20/10
NHNative:  1/30/10  - TBD
Kimisuejoia (Kimi): 1/31/10
Mrs.BoomBoom:  2/18/10
akgram (Amy): 2/19/10
Kat28655: 3/14/10
MrsKLS (Karen):  3/18/10  - TBD
ShannonL.K (Shannon):  03/18/10
Jarbatz (Liz):  3/21/10  - Surprise
nomadicprincess (Denise): 3/31/10  - Surprise

Moms Who Had Their Little Ones

Busybea (Bea):  Nicholas Jacob (6/30/09)

ChristineNYC: Maggie Rose (2/2/07); Charlotte Emma (5/1/09)

dborg: Kaylee Elizabeth (6/6/09)

Dragonflyer: Noah Kai (almost 2);  Finnegan (Finn) Elijah (7/26/09)

fiazo:  Sienna Rose (7/22/09)

Jens38:  Reagan Cecilia (6/17/09)

M. Amy (Amy):  Matthew (7/3/09)

NoelleHansen: Madison Noelle (5/16/09)

pahokie:  Stella Louise (6/29/09)

Peeper72: Ada Caroline (6/19/09)

stever (Heather): Michael Ryan (7/25/09)

TLC7068 : Alex (6/14/09)

trixiebelden:  Connor (8/4/07) and Ryan (1/13/09)


Here's my update... slept terribly last night. I think I was worried about going into labor before I'm covered by my DH's insurance (after midnight tonight). I'm trying to relax and not worry about that. Otherwise, today is my last day of work and I'm looking forward to (hopefully) relaxing next week before my boy arrives?whenever that may be.


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Re: **PG/Moms>35 Weekly Check-In: 7/31**

  • I am so excited for you Robyn. Try hard not to stress. You're in the home stretch. Plus, as we've seen on the 3rd tri board, soooo many people seem to be going a bit over 40.

    All is well here. Feeling a little less stressed and overall relaxed.

    I hope you all have a great weekend!

  • TGIF ladies!  I'm wishing easy labors for those of you who are so close to the end!

    We are moving tomorrow.  What fun!  I spent several hours packing last night and went to bed exhausted but of course I couldn't sleep so I'm even more tired today.  Gearing up for a busy weekend.  I wish someone would unpack for me.  :(  Other than that I'm counting down until my 1st u/s.  Only 11 days!  I'm so ready to see our baby.

    Hope you all have a great weekend. :)

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    Sometimes you just need a nap
  • Robyn, you have done a great job with this! I wish you quick and easy labor sometime after midnight tonight. 

    I hope all of you ladies at the end of the line have quick and easy labors for that matter.


    I'm getting ready to be a single lady for a few days. I'm sending DH and DSS to my SILs at the beach without me. I'm saving up all my vacation days and I'm really looking forward to having a few days home alone. It's a luxury I never get. Of course, I'll miss DH and all that blah, blah, blah...lol. 

  • TGIF!!

    Lots of luck and easy delivery vibes to those close to it!

    Just anxiously counting down the days till we get see our LO again (11 days) and hopefully find out the sex in hopes that it will make me ease up even more and finally start flaunting this pregnancy!

  • Hi Ladies!!

    Can I be added? Due 9/1 w/ a baby boy.

    Sending lots of labor dust to all you so close. Robyn, your labor dust only comes after Midnight. LOL.

    I am doing good just hitting the end of the pg issues. I had a bad nights sleep as well. I am just not comfortable anymore. Swollen feet, swollen hands, acid reflux (alka seltzer gold is a savor for this), etc.  I start my weekly appts on Wednesday and have a u/s scheduled for Monday. It appears they are concerned about the growth of the baby because my NT bw showed low Papp-A which mean premature labor and small baby. Who knows. My last u/s two weeks ago showed baby measuring a week ahead of schedule and 5lbs 2 oz so I am v. confused.

    Anyway, enough about me!  Hope everyone has a great day!!

  • Hi Robyn,

    I would love to be added!!

    MrsKLS (Karen) due date 3/18/10 - TBD


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  • Hey Robyn!!  I am hoping that 8/2/09 is the big day for you!!  That will give the insurance an extra day to kick in. 

    I have to go back to the ob for an ultrasound today.  This is the second one this week.  My normal routine is once a week at the peri, but for some reason the ob wants her own now.  I don't mind seeing him again at all, but I worry that someday they will come out with a study that shows that multiple ultrasounds are detrimental to a developing baby.  Oh well, we do what we have to do.  Hopefully we will get the same good results as Monday. 

    Everyone have a good weekend!

  • Hi Robyn (and, fellow "AMA" ladies)!

    Here's hoping your little boy makes his grand entrance soon! You don't have long until your EDD--how exciting!!

    I'm having a rough week. Really BAD pelvic pain--it just hurts everywhere and I'm having a hard time walking/sleeping, etc. due to the pain. Ugh. Woke up with a sore throat to top things off this morning, so I'm feeling down...oh, well. Such is pregnancy.

    Had my 37 week appt yesterday--only a fingertip dilated and didn't get the number for effacement, but had some"softening". Baby is head down and ready to go. Dr. told me to "encourage" those contractions (as opposed to stopping them with water, etc. as we'd been doing for the last few weeks) as we are now "full-term", but I've only been having sporadic BH (about 4 an hour for two hours, then nada). Hopefully, we'll have more progress by next week. At this point I can't wait to be un-pregnant...let the waiting game begin.

    Labor dust to all who are term, and smooth pregnancies for all the rest!



  • Robyn, I hope to hear a baby story from you soon (but too soon).

    I am also in the process of moving. DH had the movers come yesterday to move all the big stuff but we still have a bunch of stuff to clear out of the old place. I woke up in the new house this morning and struggled to find something to wear and then realized that I didn't have my hair product. So in a huff, I went to our old place (around the block) with my hair dryer and got myself ready for work. Hopefully, we can get settled a little more over the weekend. Between the move and the trip to Ohio, it's been a tough couple of weeks.

    I had a dr.'s appt on Thurs. All is well there. He said my weight gain is a little on high side but he isn't too concerned. I had my second childbirth class last night. It was conisderably better than the first class.

  • Robyn, I am sending baby-wait-til-tomorrow vibes to you!!

    I'm okay. Well, actually, I'm crawling the walls stressed out. It's mostly work, but apparently I'm also super anxious about getting our amnio results back (I called this AM--the doc told me 7-10 days, so it was kind of wishful thinking--and they didn't have them and I truly almost burst into tears). But luckily I still feel physically great and am having a blast watching the little videos of the u/s that H took when we got the amnio.

    We have H's high school reunion this weekend on Saturday, and on Sunday I can't wait to just relax.

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  • Update:  nothing spectacular to report here.... we have our first childbirth class tomorrow morning so I am looking forward to that.  Otherwise, feeling good and no complaints! 

    good luck to all of you who are full term-- wishing you easy labors  (and Robyn, if you are not at the hosp yet, I think you can relax and know that your little boy will not be here til at least tomorrow)  ;)

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  • Well I am just waiting, another doc appt on Monday and then we will be every week. HBP meds got me all messed up yesterday so they lowered them. A couple of times, I felt like I was sitting on my daughter. I literally had to check to make sure there was nothing coming out. ( I realize the pain would be bad but thats how freaky it felt).

    I am so ready to have her here!


  • Not much new to report here- still have 2 more weeks until my next appt. I guess we got spoiled with having appts every two weeks in the first tri, I feel like crawling the walls having to wait four weeks now!

    Been feeling lots of stretching and pulling this past week, and insomnia has kicked in full force. Other than that feeling much better, haven't hurled in over a week (still very gaggy) and my birthday party is tomorrow. Yay!

  • Hi,

    My due date is 10/2/09.

    Good luck!


  • Great job putting this together Robyn!   I am sending you "wait until the 2nd little one" vibes!! 

    All is well here at the end of 2nd tri.  I feel like it has flown by!  DH & I are painting the nursery this weekend and doing some odd jobs around the house.  We have had a surprisingly mild summer here in Louisville so far, so I am trying to take advantage of being outside with DH & Rufus as much as possible before August kicks into full swing!

    Hope all the ladies who want their little ones to arrive this weekend have safe and smooth labor!!!  Good luck everyone Big Smile

  • So excited for you, Robyn. I know you're uncomfortable and having trouble sleeping. It won't be long now. Your prize is waiting for you at the finish line!

    Had my weekly cervical check today for the last time (unless of course there is bleeding, cramping etc). The doctors don't think I will deliver A despite his position on my cervix. B is doing really well!! We are thankful!!

    Looking forward to hearing a birth story from you soon!! 


  • Nothing to report here. Everything is going well. I have two people coming to look at the floors, to refinish them, this weekend, so the house is coming along. 

    I am particularly grumpy and sad today. 

  • Hi Robyn,

    Looking forward to hearing your labor and delivery story in the next week or so.  Looks like you will make it right into August so try to stop worrying about the insurance thing...

    As for me, looks like we will be joining team PINK!  Big Smile

    Best wishes!


  • steverstever member
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    Here's my update:

    My boy is awesome! We were totally convinced that we'd be overwhelmed and would never get any sleep, but we're doing well so far because Baby Mikey only really fusses when he's hungry. The only caveat to that is that while my milk is transitioning from colostrum we have to supplement with formula.  We're hoping my boobs will be up to full production speed by our first pedi appointment on Tuesday though.

    Hope everyone's doing well!

  • I'm due Feb 18.  I'm starting to feel a lot bigger than I remember last time around.  My NT's in another week and a half.
  • Robyn, I am sure you'll make it to tomorrow!

    Here: 39 weeks 2 days and getting so impatient. I really had my hopes set for going a couple of weeks earlier, as some statistics said exercise throughout pregnancy helps with going earlier at full term, but nothing yet so far. I am trying to issue the eviction notice through daily runs, some of them pretty long (e.g. ran 10 miles today), but baby girl seems to enjoy that. I am not uncomfortable at all but so over being pregnant!

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  • image SFAug07:

    ran 10 miles today)

    Indifferent OMG. Labor is going to be nothing for you, girl!

  • add me please!

    Due on 9/16/09.  We're having a boy!



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    ran 10 miles today)

    Indifferent OMG. Labor is going to be nothing for you, girl!

    Wow! I agree with Kari.  I can barely WALK. LOL!

    And I'm feeling much more confident that I'll make it until August. Only 5-1/2 hours to go. Wink


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  • Hello, I haven't formally introduced myself.  I'm Robin and anxiously expecting - due on Jan 20th.  Physically I've been doing good.  Been getting a little anxious lately as I approached how far along I was when I lost my first one in Jan.  I thought I would have my LO when I was still 35, but God had other plans.  So now I am 36 expecting our first.

     Looking forward to meeting many of you, but I am not on here very often.  I do lurk mostly.

     Those expecting soon (or past due) best wishes for this weekend! :)

  • Hi ladies! Just checking in - I am home now, all is good and not too hot!  Have a great weekend!
  • Only update for me is that today 7/31 is my birthday, and I'm 39... ouch! Only one more year left in my 30s :( But at least I'm having this baby before I'm 40, which is a good thing. Today I had a dr. appt. and they mentioned induction for the first time, and I am against it, so I hope this baby comes on time b/c I don't want to be induced, even at 41 weeks. There's something so unnatural about it that I don't want it. We'll see what happens from now until my EDD. Happy weekend everyone!
    Me: 44 DH: 42. DS born healthy at 40 weeks 8/24/09. TTC since then with no luck or ART. Surprise BFP 8/6/14... MMC @ 8 weeks 4 days... Miss you everyday sweet baby angel.
  • Middle of the night and I'm paying for the two pieces of pizza I had earlier tonight.  Indigestion is a bytch!  No amount of Tums, Pepcid or carbonated water is doing the trick, either.

    Guess that sums up my week!

    Growing up way too fast!

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  • I had my monthly appointment Thursday - all is good.  My next appointment is in three weeks for my one hour GTT - boo!   And this morning we have our first childbirth class at our hospital.  It's just a general class, then I can sign up for the natural childbirth class they offer.  The past two nights I have woken up around 2-3am and haven't been able to go back to sleep....tonight/this morning is no exception...

  • Hi, Robyn!

    I had a busy Friday!  First we had another growth-check ultrasound, and the baby has gone from being in the 3rd percentile (eep) to the 22nd (yay!)  It's a load off my mind.  Unfortunately, that load has gone straight to my thighs, since the growth spurt was partly due to my doctor telling me to increase my calorie intake to 2500/day.  He wants me to keep up the big eating for at least another week or two.  It's not as fun as one would think, I am really not a big eater.

    After the appointment, we went to the baby gear store (a local place called "Rose ou Bleu") and finally, finally bought some stuff.  It'll be delivered in 4 to 6 weeks.  The big-ticket items this trip were a Bugaboo Frog, a Britax marathon car seat, a Graco playard with the "newborn napper" thingie,  a humidifier and a glider.  Our shopping list is still long, but I think the only pricy thing left on it is the breast pump, and we're waiting to make sure I can BF before we buy that.

    Physically, besides feeling like I look like a hippo with a gland disorder I am peachy! 



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  • You must be a great person to have as an employee. You appear to be extremely organized. Great job.

    I'm glad you don't have to worry about your husbands coverage any longer.

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  • image fiazo:

    You must be a great person to have as an employee. You appear to be extremely organized. Great job.

    I'm glad you don't have to worry about your husbands coverage any longer.

    Well, currently I'm working for my family business but I hope to look for a new job in January 2010. Hopefully my organizational skills will be an asset somewhere! 

    And thanks!  No worries re: insurance. L&D (vaginal or C-section) will only cost a $500 copay now. I'm WAY relieved.


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