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Soon we will be finding out if we are having a boy or girl. We thought we had decided on a boys name, Ephraim James. Now I'm not 100% sure. We were considering Caleb and Ethan but I think they are becoming more common. I have been playing around with some names, what do you think?

Ephraim Levi

Ephraim Zechariah

Zechariah Cohen

Cohen (maiden name) Eliam

Noah Elijah



Re: Boy names

  • I like Ephraim James or Ephraim Levi. Cohen doesn't sound like a first name at all to me, and Noah even is more popular than Caleb.
  • I love Noah Elijah. Caleb and Ethan are really great too. I agree with pp that Noah and Ethan are both more popular than Caleb. I wouldn't say that they are ridiculously popular though. Those three names are our top names. The rest are NMS.
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  • are you going for a biblical name?

    I guess I've never heard of someone named Ephraim.  I like Cohen, Noah and Elijah MUCH better.

  • LOVE Ephraim! It is my top boy's name and his been since high school. I still regret not insisting on using it with our son. Hopefully I will get another chance someday. I like Ephraim Levi the best but the others are great choices too!
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  • Zechariah is one of my favorite names, so Zechariah Cohen gets my vote! If you're worried about common, than Noah Elijah is out. If you do go with Ephraim, Ephraim Levi sounds better, even though I do love Zechariah.
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  • erinmserinms
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    I like Ephraim Levi the best, with Ephraim James as a close second. ?
  • I like Ephraim James, a lot. 
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