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Recommend your potty (that looks like a potty!)

DS starting going pee-pee this week at daycare! We are thrilled as he has shown zero signs of interest at home. We want to try to keep it going but the thing is they have both sit down potties at daycare as well as mini-toilets (real ones that are just small) and he refuses to go in the sit down kind. He is standing and going in the real potty.

I talked to DH about just putting a stool up to the toilet but I think it's drawing too much attention to the whole thing. I'm hoping to find a potty that looks more realistic - any recommendations?

Re: Recommend your potty (that looks like a potty!)

  • Well Kylies is a handmade wooden potty , but we need a second one so we are buying her a Boon.

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  • We have the Baby Bjorn potty chair. I like it because it isn't covered with Elmo etc. It also has a rise on the front of the cup so DS doesn't pee right out. My MIL bought him a Winnie the Pooh potty and she had to take it back because the riser was so low he would have just sprayed across the bathroom.
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  • Hi!  I have missed you and T.  I am going to send you a PM so check your messages.
  • I don't think a stool is drawing too much attention to the toilet. Let him watch daddy and he will likely want to go with Daddy. You don't necessarily want to trick him into going to the bathroom. Just encourage without pushing.

    Feel free to ignore me:) 

  • Hey MrsC! Sounds good.

    We actually already have a Bjorn potty chair but I'm looking for one that is more "real" since DS won't go in the potty chair at daycare.  

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