Toddlers: 24 Months+

where did you get your side rail for big boy/girl bed?

We are looking to transition our toddler to a big boy bed around Christmas time when he will be 21 Months.  Where did you find your side rail, and do you like it?  How much did you pay for it?  Thanks

Re: where did you get your side rail for big boy/girl bed?

  • I bought the extra long hiding side rail from We couldn't hide it with his lifetime bed, but whatever. It worked just fine. I would recommend them. We had one for each side and they were sturdy. My husband made a rail and stained it to match Jack's bed that we pulled off each morning and put on each night that I loved.
  • Not sure if you mean a side rail or toddler rail but FWIW we have a Munire crib and the side rails turn the crib into a regular bed which is much too high off the ground for our 28 month old. We are still waiting for a toddler rail to come in (I ordered 3 1/2 months ago!). We'll probably use that for a few months and transition to a toddler bed or some option that is low to the ground.
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