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OK! Do you thik its the same when

Someone says your "acting like a b!tch" vs. you "are a b!tch"??

For example, Im sure at some point some one has told us or asked us why were being such a _______ (B!tch, jerk, etc.) to which you prob replied "What'd you call me?" and then they say the infamous...."I didnt call you a ____. I said you were ACTING like a ________.   Do you think its the same??     ( NO this didnt just happen to me, just asking! lol)

Re: OK! Do you thik its the same when

  • IMO, acting like one is much better than being called one. But still not fun either way.

    Odd post.IndifferentWink

  • I swear its not me, I was just watching the news and I was listening to the Attorney whos defending this cop who sent the email calling the Professor Gates a  "jungle monkey".   He said he was calling "his actions" that of a jungle monkey and NOT him...Just got me thinking about when people say things like your ACTING like a b!tch or your ACTING like a jerk, then say I DIDNT CALL YOU ONE! lol..................Idk.
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  • Dani, don't act like a _________.  LOL

    I think that's a cop-out answer.  It's still implying biiitchiness.

  • no i think it is different.  i think it is more offensive to call someone a biotch than to say they are acting like one.
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