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Anyone work nights? Need ideas!

Hi gals,

My MIL owes us over $10k & it doesn't look like she has any intention of ever paying us back.  If we had millions in the bank, I would be able to brush it off, but we don't.  I left a great paying job to be a SAHM & now my husband (along w/the rest of his company) had to take a huge paycut so layoffs were averted. 

Anyway, it looks like I'll need to get a job to bring in some money so I can still stay home.  Since my son goes to bed at 7pm, I was thinking that I could get a night time/part time position to supplement our income.  

Does anyone else do this?  Any ideas of who would be hiring?  FYI - my background is advertising agencies account work.


Re: Anyone work nights? Need ideas!

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    bartending and waitressing are not glamorous- but readily available.
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    kat523kat523 member
    Maybe contact a bunch of advertising agencies to see if they need p/t wah help.  It would save them the money of providing a work space for you, so they could benefit, too.  Otherwise, waitressing, working in a dental or doctor's office, or tutoring.  Good luck!
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    I deliver pizzas for Domino's. I bring home about $50 in tips a night in about a 5hr. span. I work about 20 hours a week, and every two weeks i get about $175 paycheck. not a whole lot, but it's extra money that pays a bill or two.
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