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Nikki and Paige re: newborn confessions

You mean your kids were like this too?



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Re: Nikki and Paige re: newborn confessions

  • HA HA!  Yes.  My Mom and I always joke that Cole's feet were dragging the floor when he was still napping in his swing.  Seriously, he could reach up and grab those toys that were hanging abouve his head, while he was still laying down. lol.
  • Okay, this one was when he was 6 or 7 months old.  lol.  He kept napping in it a lot longer that that, though.  His poor head is almost touching the bar behind him.  He loooooved it though.  He fought sleep all the time and we did whatever worked!


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  • Oh yeah!!!  He used that thing for a very long time!!! 

    Cute pic!

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