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I have a question. A while back I think you posted something about your DD doing a bunch of somersaults and having a really bad "reaction." A few days ago my DD learned how to do somersaults and it's making me soooo nervous! I keep stopping her from doing too many.

What were the "rules" that you mentioned? I thought you said your sister or someone worked at a kids gym and gave you some info on this.

LOL Does this make any sense at all?! Hope it was you or it really won't make sense! TIA!

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Re: **Brittney**

  • LOL I remember this post, but not who posted it!
  • Yeah.  It's one of those things that they need to work up to.  DD had never done one and did like 6 in just a few minutes for the first time.  It does something to build up their inner ear.  The kids do them at the Little Gym and DD does them more often now and is fine.  I *think* I remember them saying something about how the inner ear is not completely developed until 2, so you may be fine.  : )
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  • Thank you! Well, she definitely does more than 6 in a minute and has been fine so far, but I'll keep an eye on her. It was so weird - she did a flip on accident a few days ago and just figured it out. She's addicted!
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