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DH feeling hurt b/c Alexis only wants me...

or my mom! She's been kind of going through this separation anxiety for a couple months now.  We've been living with my parents for 4 months now and my mom is very close to Alexis.  She helps a lot and stays with her a lot.  So Alexis is very attached to her.  I don't mind it, actually I think it's great.  I stay home with her so she is obviously attached to me also.  It has gotten so that she cries when I leave the room unless my mom is there.  Even if Marc is there.  She loves her daddy but he works late and travels so she just doesn't see him as much.  He gets his feelings hurt by it and I understand but I also know that she doesn't mean it.  So, my question, has anyone else experienced this?  How long does the separation anxiety last? 
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Re: DH feeling hurt b/c Alexis only wants me...

  • Mikey still goes through separation anxiety. It's even harder now because of the fact that we are away every 3 weeks. There have been times when he could care less about Gary and other times when he could care less about me. My best recommendation is to leave Alexis alone with your DH. Send them off to the park or something, someplace where mom and grandma are no where to be found. That way they can have fun together and it'll allow them to bond. Yeah it seems kinda forced but it'll be great for the two of them.

    It'll get better, and then it'll get worse again, but eventually it'll get better.
  • We have the SAME situation, Leanna! She loves Seth, but she just freaks out if i leave the room even if he is there! I have no idea what to do besides just keeping doing things as normal and hopefully she'll outgrow it soon!
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  • Awww...so sorry. I have no advice since we have not experience that but I totally get the part that she doesn't mean it. I like Sam's idea...some Dad'baby time is required.

    Good luck. 

  • Well, as you know, we are working parents but even so Sophia gets a lot more "alone" time with my than she does with Abel. So there are times when she cries when I leave or only wants me to put her to bed and pushes Abel away. This does not happen often and when it does its only for a few days. Like a stage.

    Here is what I recommend. When your DH is home on the weekends or in the evenings with time - have him do things with and for her alone. It can be a matter of taking a walk around the block or just him giving her a bath. Abel's time with Sophia is bathtime almost every night. She does not want me to even bathe her most of the time because this has become so routine. If Marc is not home in time for bathtime, make the routine that he read her a book or sit with her while she drinks her milk before bed.

    Also try, if Marc is home, try to make it less about your mom then. Focus on the three of you as a unit. Of course, once you move into your own house this will be a lot less of an issue. :)


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  • Tell him not to feel bad.  The next round of separation anxiety will probably be for him.  A month ago Nicky flipped out crying and screaming for me every time I left the room for a second.  This month he hangs from the door knob crying and screaming when Daddy leaves for work each morning. 
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