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Did you figure out your halloween costumes?  DH and I throw a huge halloween party every year so we are starting to think about what we ca do that is matchy.  I was thinking cave people or the Adams family.

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    DH and I were just talking about this last night. We thought about the Flinestones.  Other ideas we had were cowboys, 50's attire (greaser for the boys, poodle skirt for me), and Disney Characters.

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  • and this is why i hate halloween LOL
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    and this is why i hate halloween LOL


  • We did Cave Family last year and won our Costume Contest! We were soooooo cute and the costumes were a cinch to make!  Did you see our pics? 

    Im not exactly sure what we'll do this year.  DH wants to be pirates and he wants Ashlee to be his parrot! LMAO!  Im not so sure about that but it IS creative!  I was thinking he could be a Prince/Prince Charming and we could be princesses...3 bee's and a bee keeper, 3 little pigs and he could be the big bad wolf....Flintstones are cute but too close to the cave family last year so itll have to wait a few years.

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