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How do you teach your child about God/religion?

I was not raised in any religion and my parents never went to church.  We don't go to church on a regular basis and I would like to find one I like.  Every time I've taken Zachary to Sunday school he's loved it, and he LOVED vacation bible school.  He's at the age where he is starting to ask a lot of questions, like "What does God look like?"

So aside from church, how do you teach your child about God?  Do you pray together?  I've been trying to say a little prayer at night.  Any books you recommend?

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Re: How do you teach your child about God/religion?

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    My oldest is 7, she is very interested as well, and has always been! We regularly attend Church, but she also goes to her dad's who has no relegious interest, and does not monitor what she watches and listens to at I just make it clear to her the way we want her to be raised, we pray over dinner and before bed, just teaching her to be thankful, and when she is scared, we pray for protection and peace....she does ask about how we cannot see God and so on, so I teach her about having faith and having something to believe in, and just recently she requested getting her own Bible. So I am going to take her to the Christian bookstore. And I am sure they would have other books and such. And she recently got the Kids Praise CD made by Kidz Bopz and she loves it!
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    We're atheists, so it's kind of a moot point.  However, I have a BA in Religious Studies, so I'll be happy to answer whatever questions that my child has about any religion, christian, judaism, hindu, jainism, whatever.
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    We're Christians and we attend church regularly.  It's really a part of our daily lives.  We pray before bed and before meals, and whenever else it seems appropriate.  We also have a few books that we read.  One's kind of corny, but DS likes it.  The other is his first bible, which he really likes too.  I highly recommend it - it's called The Big Picture Story Bible.  It gives the "big picture" of how all the Old and New Testament stories fit together, and it's a pretty easy read.

    Also, there are lots of Veggie Tales that are based on bible stories, but even if you're not a Christian, they're fun stories with good morals.


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    I was a pretty avowed Atheist until my Grandmother died. Now, I do attend church with some regularity, but DD is not baptised, nor do I want to make that decision for her.

    I'll answer questions as they come up, but I will not be forcing any religion on her.

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    You know, DH and I are struggling with this a bit right now as well:

    We were both Baptised as children and rasied in church from birth and have a fond affection for our Organized Religion but are having a really tough time finding a new church home out here in CA.  We go when asked by friends occassionally and we pray before dinner, the meal we have as a family, but we have not mentioned God, the Lord or anything religious to Emily just yet specifically and she hasn't asked.  

    We are hoping to find a church this year and get her into a Sunday School class.  We watch Veggie Tales on DVD sometimes and I hope to get her a "My First Bible" that we can read from, maybe this coming Easter so we can start communicating about it in our family and I can teach her to pray at night, or anytime she wants to speak with God.  I want her to ask questions and I want her to know God but like a PP mentioned, I don't want to force anything on her - I just want her to have the information and make the choice on her own.  However, I guess I sort of will be forcing it on her when I take her to Sunday School each week until she's old enough to stay home alone should she not want to go.  :)  We always made a lot of friends at church so, I can't actually see this happening.

    I want her to make the choice to be Baptized herself, when she's older so, we have not done this yet either.

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    this book is DARLING. we read it every night. It doesn't lean to a particular religion. Its a very sweet book.


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