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PSA: If you're looking for school supplies

I know we all like a deal since we're living on a budget, so I wanted to share this one with anyone who has a school aged kiddo or needs some school/office supplies

If you have a ShopKo, get over there!  I wanted to get some school supplies for our supply drive at our church.  I stopped into ShopKo because I'd never been inside, and ohmygod. I never knew.  It's like a bargain paradise. 

I bought:

3 bottles of elmer's glue

4 packs of crayola crayons

1 eraser

2 glue sticks

5 folders

1 notebook

1 pack of lined paper

a 12 pack of pencils

a 12 pack of pens

.... all for $4.90!  Everything was seriously marked down to less than $.50.  I was so proud of myself! :)


Re: PSA: If you're looking for school supplies

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    That's awesome! 

    My daughter will be going into 11th grade (hard to believe), so I'll definitely need school supplies.  Unfortunately, we don't have that store around here.

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    Yeah, what is ShopKo?  Never heard of it in CA or AZ.
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    It's kind of like a Walmart.  Like I said, I'd never been inside either.... I think it might just be in Wisconsin?  I know we never had them in Illinois where I grew up.

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    I'm in WI.  ShopKo is based out of Green Bay.  I believe they have stores in the midwest, that's all.  It's like a Target as they have a Pharmacy and clothing and electronics and stuff, but "not as nice..." I like Target so much more.

    The NEW ShopKo stores are nice but the older ones are in need of a remodel. 

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