Glider for the nursery???

I'd like to get one of these, but I have a dilemma.  Not a major existential crisis, just whether or not to blow even more dough than I already have.  Embarrassed

For those of you with kids, how much did you use this item?  I can't decide between the simple, cost-effective version (less than $200 at Wal-Mart or large furniture store) or a very nice, comfy, high-end one with reclining seat, swivel, etc. (probably close to $500 through a manufacturer).

My gut is telling me to just buy the inexpensive one as I'll only use it for a couple of years while baby is small - then move it to the basement when a big girl/boy bed is needed in the room. 

Thoughts?  I know, not a very intriguing topic, but I'd appreciate any advice you all have.

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Re: Glider for the nursery???

  • IMO - don't skimp on something that you may be using every couple of hours in the beginning and several times a day later on and sometimes overnight when a child is sick or is a fussy sleeper.

    We bought two upholstered glider chairs. Make sure it is extra comfortable. Extra durable. And meets both spouses height/size/comfort levels.

    We do 98% of G's feedings in his room. He sleeps exclusively in his room/crib. So that area is a central part of our lives. We also figure that at least of the two chairs can be moved to the future nursery of our future daughter ;-) so I feel like the money we spent was well worth it for comfort, quality and durability. These chairs will last a really long time (not just a few years).

  • I will start with I don't have a baby yet- but what about a glider that will go with your house so it could be moved into the rest of the house later?  I know I have an armchair that rocks that I visit everytime I'm in the furniture store. 


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  • You will probably only use it for a couple of years, but you will use it a LOT in those couple of years.  Remember that your little one will eat every 2-3 hours around the clock for a while.  You will want a comfy place to sit. 

    You don't have to spend a fortune, but I would definitely recommend one with a back that is high enough for you to lie your head back, an ottoman and a recline feature.  I love my glider.  It does not have a recline feature, and I do regret that.  Also, get a fabric that is stain resistant, like microfiber. 

    I have the Best Chairs "Jory" model w/ matching ottoman, and I love it.  I do wish it had a recline feature though.  I did spend a lot on this, although I don't remember how much.  Maybe around $500? Oh, my son loves this too.  He climbs up into the chair before bed to signal that it is story time.

    My advise is to skimp on other things (like bedding sets) and invest more in the items that will get a lot of use and impact your and your child's comfort / safety.



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  • We just have a basic old school rocking chair and we love it:)  It was passed down in DH's family.  We used it more in the beginning, but now use it for morning feeding and reading books at night.  We could not have managed anything much larger due to the size of the nursey and opted to spend the extra $ on a fantastic bedding set, crib and regrets here!


  • We got the Storkcraft bowback hoop glider and ottoman from Walmart last year on sale for like $100.  It's really comfy, I sit in it all the time to fold laundry.  I'm hippy and it's wide enough for me, and tall enough for DH.

    We don't plan on moving it to our living room when we're done.  And if we have a boy and do a separate nursery with baby #2, we will buy another one for his room (otherwise, if they're both girls they're sharing the room).  Our intent is really only to use it for the first few months and then we plan to use Healthy Sleep Habits and Happiest Baby on the Block to help teach the babies to put themselves to sleep.  We don't anticipate rocking them for years.  

    But, the Storkcraft is comfy and I've been rocking in it on an almost daily basis since January and it doesn't knock or sway side to side.  It's in great condition.

  • Speaking from my when my teenagers were babies.

    I got a glider nothing real fancy when my DS was born and I used it some but in the living room. I used the nursery for sleeping only until they were toddlers. When the kids woke up I would take them with me to go get a bottle or whatever rock if need be in the living room then take them back to the crib.

    I don't think that I used it much with DD other than if DD was sick.

    Everyone has a different style so try to figure out what you think you would do.

    Our baby does not like to be held which makes me very sad. I do not know if that is because of the drug use before she was born or if it because she was not held a lot as a infant. When she can to visit in January if you tried to hold her in your lap or rock she would get updset and fight. I would love to hold her and rock to bond so we will see if she ever gets here.


  • We first bought a Lazy Boy type rocker/recliner when Cooper first came home.  It was great because I could feed him comfortably, as could my DH, plus we could both sleep in if we needed.  When Charlotte came home, I started feeding Cooper in the bedroom (sitting on our bed since his crib was in our room) and my DH fed Charlotte/read stories on the rocking chair.

    When we moved to our new, much larger house and each child has their own room, we had to buy a second chair.  I went on Craigslist and found a super comfy, great looking glider and ottoman for 50% of the price I would pay new.  It's been great to feed Cooper in or relax in while they play in the room.

    I'd say get one, but be reasonable in the price you pay.  Don't skimp on comfort, but be aware that more money =/= more comfort.

  • i knew i wanted something comfortable and the typical gliders weren't going to do it for me. we bought a recliner that glides vs. rocking at Haverty's and it was the best and favorite thing we bought. Our nursery is big (we currently have a twin and 2 convertible cribs in it, with the glider and a long dresser (tall dresser in the closet).


    if i could get tinypic to work, I'd uploard the picture of it!

  • I just ordered this one from BRU:


    It's called the Rock-A-Bye Upholstered Chenille Square Back Glider and it's in Chocolate.  It feels kind of like a soft corduroy.  The back on it was higher than the other style they had with a curved back.  I'm 5'10" and my husband is 6' tall and we were both comfortable in it. We could both lean our heads back a bit as we sat in it.

    I used a coupon for it, but I just saw on BRU's site, it's on sale for $319. 

    We looked all over - BBB, BRU, and 3 furniture stores.  I ended up back at BRU. 

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  • We got a great one from Craigslist. My mom bought it for us. The brand fails me at this moment, but it originally cost 800 - 900. We were a week away from getting our FD and were desperate. I must say - its my favorite thing in her room. She is 9 months now and we still use it all the time. Its amazing how a little rocking can make her eyes go down immediately. I would look for deals on Craigslist or ask people. You would be amazed at the things that people are willing to give you - especially when they are moving or need to remove "clutter".
  • Oh, duh - I believe my mom bought it for $215.
  • I just put the Rock a bye one one my registry , the one that Wendy (Art Teacher) mentioned....Did you guys know that BRU now takes BB&B coupons as long as they are not expired? They just started accepting them a few weeks ago! $319 is a great price for that chair, it's normally $399, and with the coupon plus the sale, it comes out to $255! I am going for it!!!
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    Another thought on this...I'd go w/ something like Art Teacher got because it holds bigger kids.

     In my family, rocking chairs were always huge...because once babies weren't fed in them, they were where my parents took us when there were problems.  So when my baby sis would have nightmares, my dad didn't want kiddos in the bed (health issues w/ mom) so he'd scoop her up and take her to the big rocker.  When I was little and I had athsma attacks at night, he'd rock me in it...

    I like the idea of a rocker big enough for a older kid to climb into too.

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