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i'm a free woman!

That god-forsaken test is over with and I have my brain back! :) Now I can focus on getting the ball rolling with all my plans for little Emma. Clari, Nikki, Jess, Kris, and Barbie, thanks for the good luck wishes in the post below! Christysec, I am sure your husband did wonderfully and I hope he's relaxing now that it's done.

The test was hard but a lot of people said they felt the same way and it's graded on a curve so I am hoping I'll be okay...the results come out on Sept. 21st so I have to wait awhile to know. But as much as I'll be devestated if it turns out I didn't pass, I already told myself that I need to put things in perspective and take it in stride. If I didn't pass, I'll just have to take it again and that's that. But I'm hoping for the best :) Thanks for letting me share!

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