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I am due this September and currently work.  If nothing changes financially between now and when the baby comes I will have to go back to work after my maternity leave....the problem is I DON"T WANT TO AT ALL!!! I want to stay home so badly with our baby girl...I can't even say how much it means to me and how much I think about it.  This is our first baby and I have always wanted to stay home once I started have kids.  I am willing to work from home and do something to make some money. Does anyone out there currently work from home or know of a way to make money from home? Thanks for all your advice!

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    I cannot wait to see what the responses you get on this one! Because I need just about $800 extra a month, to start paying off a couple of loans and cards that we stupidly ran up when my husband lost his job a couple years back! I will only have to work about a year to pay them off, but it needs to get done to releive some of my husband's paycheck! LO is 5 months and I am not leaving her. I want to find something to take her with me, like a daycare or something. And I just got hired to keep two kids for the next 2 months in my home. But I am hoping for something that suits my needs, but something I can do at home and pays well!
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    kat523kat523 member

    Congratulations!  I tutor from home.  It is a lot of juggling; but I can do most of the work in the evenings after my son is in bed or when my dh is home to watch him.  I have some other legitimate options on my blog (I have looked into this for 2 years and created a blog about it to share with my mom friends).   Good luck!  I make anywhere between $300-700 a month depending on how many hours I work.

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