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Has anyone given birth at St. Clair Hospital?  What were your thoughts on the experience.  I am trying to decide between Magee and St. Clair.  I am currently planning on Magee but St. Clair is two minutes from my house and would be more convenient. Any thoughts? Also does anyone have any recommendations for an OB in the South Hills/Mt. Lebanon area?  Thanks!

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  • I have a client due in September who will be delivering at St. Clair.  I can tell you more about it after that.  I've done many births at Magee and sometimes I like Magee and other times not so much so it really depends on the doctor and/or nurses that my clients get. 

     My client who is going to St. Clair is seeing Dr. Signorella and she seems to really like him.  I'm not sure where is office is though.

     Good luck in your decision.


  • One of my good friends has had all 3 of her children at St. Clair and like it so much that, although she LOVES her OB, since he no longer delivers there she is in search of a new OB for when she gets pregnant with number 4 next year. She said the rooms were beautiful and the staff was wonderful. I've heard Magee is a bit of a baby factory, so births aren't so exciting to them. One of my husband's coworkers was actually left in triage until her baby was crowning and her husband ran out and grabbed a nurse, who came in, saw what was happening, and told her not to push. Now, I've had a baby without drugs, and I can tell you that your body is what decides when to push. That was a ridiculous thing to say.
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  • My sister-in-law gave birth at St. Clair and had a really great experience. My hubby and I are TTC and I'm in the same situation you are. St. Clair so close (a 5 minute walk) but Magee is the baby hospital, plus I work for UPMC so Magee is the hospital that I should go to. However, I think I will end up going to St. clair when that time comes. Good luck!
  • I had my son, Colton, at St. Clair in April 2009.  There were wonderful!  If my husband and I decide to have any more I would go there again!  All of the staff was wonderful.  My OB was part of the professional building next to the hospital.  They even have their own website.  They are Drs Rankin and Warner.  There staff was friendly and helpful.  They also have evening hours.  I hope this helps!
  • I did not care for the hospital.  I have gone there twice and both times were about the same.
  • I delivered DS #2 there and loved it. I had ds #1 at Magee and I wasn't a fan.
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  • I loved St. Clair hospital. My OB group is Patricia Bulseco. There are about 6 MD in the group and all of them are great. The entire experience was awesome. I call it the OB spa. I started my pregnancy at a Magee Doctor and they were very cold and treated me like a number plus they had no appointments after 245 and I had to keeep using my sick time. Bulseco's group had evening hours and I never had to miss work anymore. My husband and family felt like they were treated great as well.
  • My first child was delivered by Bulseco and I would never go to her again.    She had horrible bedside manner.  I was also induced and later found out my child was breach. 
  • OMG that same thing happened to me.  Four doctors told me that my son was position correctly and he was breach.  I had an emergency c-section consequently.  My second one was a different doctor and everything was alot better.  My only complaint both times about St Clair is they were not really helpful with breastfeeding issues and keep pushing the bottle on us. 


  • his office is actually in st. clair hosp. 3rd floor. room 311. i use dr. austin, and they share and office space.
  • We are planning to deliver at St.Clair in July.  Currently I see Dr Bulseco and Associates, based out of McMurray but also have an office in St Clair Hospital.  I like most of the Drs. there, just not all are great, but they rotate you every month to see a different Dr each time.  Also, it allows you to get to know each Dr. and be familiar with each before you deliver with whatever one of them is on duty at the time you go in labor. 

     My best friend delivered her 1st at Magee and her 2nd at St Clair and she def. loved St clair the best.  So, I'm pretty confident to be delivering at St Clair.  They also have great birthing rooms, very nice and homey.  They give tours almost every Sat. morning also.Yes

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