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Really sweet little boy at t-ball

We're just completing our 2nd yr of attempting t-ball with my 5 y/o (global delays, likely PDD-NOS and ADHD, he's a "puzzle") Last year was awful, this year we're working with a recreational inclusion program which has really helped, we've had some melt-downs and panic attacks each time, but after the first week he really started having fun. He gets really upset if he doesn't get the ball, and one of the other boys (the one who was able to get the ball the most) started giving the ball to Brady to throw back in. At the end Brady actually got the ball and gave it to the other little boy! That was a pretty amazing thing in itself, it was really nice to see an interaction like that.
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Re: Really sweet little boy at t-ball

  • Wow, that is great progress! Good for your little guy...the interaction with the other kiddos is important Big Smile
    You will forever be my best friend. I can almost feel our hugs. I will ensure everyone will know (now and in the future) what a genuine, kind, loving person you were...I already miss your laughter and our daily conversations. I love you, Samantha. May 20, 1983- February 20, 2012
  • How sweet!  Things like this totally make my day!
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