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Mom's with nanny's!

I am a nanny for four children age 2- 6. The parents have asked me to start a curriculm with the kids.  Have any of your nanny's done this?  I always do eductaional things with them, and are very advanced for their age.  I just don't know where to start with this! 

Re: Mom's with nanny's!

  • my nanny does educational stuff with the kids, but I don't ask her to provide a curriculum or anything....I would say if they are asking you to do extra work like that, then you should be compensated.

    If its just a matter of you letting them know "this week, we will work on the letter A" and structure your activities that are age appropriate for the kids around that....that probably isn't a big deal....Do an A art project, talk about the A animals at the zoo if you take them places, etc...but if they want you to schedule out what you are going to do, have a lesson plan or whatever...that's a bit overboard.

    Things my nanny does--they have circle time every morning, go over the calendar, talk about weather, and letters...she usually sings 2 or 3 songs with them, counts to 100 with them.  My youngest just turned he sits there for most of it, gets up and comes back.  His attention isn't as long as my almost 4 year old.  She does the counting and they play a game where "nanny" says "what letter is to the right of the letter M" (all the letters are hanging on the wall.)  This gets my almost 4 year old recognizing letters AND recognizine left, right, above, below.  I also have a 5 year old, and while they are singing songs or doing things that are more geared for the little kids, the 5 year old is writing numbers or writing in her journal or reading her book.

    I also must admit, my mom is a teacher, so all the "school supplies", like the alphabet and calander were given to me by her.  Maybe ask your family if they will purchase a few things like that...otherwise, I'm sure you could print stuff off a computer doing a search.

    So--for about an hour a day my kids have that "structured" time....and really the rest of the day is fairly open.  Our nanny does arts and crafts or takes them to the zoo or museum...but much longer than an hour for little kids is pushing a bit hard.

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