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So what's the deal with soy formula? *vent*

When I stopped exclusively breast feeding Joshua when he was bout 7 mos old, i started combo feeding with similac formula. He developed a rash all over his body and the pedi said it was bc he's allergic to the dairy product in the formula. So we switched to isomil advanced. He has been doing great on it and has had no reactions (other than a little constipation which we manage). I have been doing some research online and there are so many anti soy websites/info out there, the most alarming being that my child could not develop properly and that the soy formula is the equivalent of giving him "5 birth control pills a day."...basically saying that when he gets older, he will be all messed up emotionally and have some developmental issues. I know im having a ton of mommy guilt over not being able to bf him anymore (i have no place to pump at work and at night/weekends, he is so distractable that he wont latch on for long) and its driving me crazy. I told my pedi we were giving him isomil and he didnt say anything about stopping it or any other contraindications. ug. i know that i cant be a perfect mommy but i want to do whats best and the "research" thats out there is scaring me and telling me to stop the formula asap and pump like crazy and bring my supply up. anyways, thanks for listening.

Re: So what's the deal with soy formula? *vent*

  • I'm sorry you're dealing with all this mommy guilt! It seems that mommy guilt will abound for the rest of our lives no matter what we decide for our children. There will always be someone out there that thinks you're making a poor decision. The same thing happens with vaccines. There are so many websites out there that make you feel like you're messing your kids up for life by vaccinating them. Soy formula will not mess up your child for life! He will be just fine. You are doing the best that you can for him and it is very commendable that you made it till 7 months! Thats a long time! Don't worry, your kiddo is going to be 100% normal =) 

  • Ugh! Stop reading those websites! There is nothing wrong with Soy formula.  I gave is to Alexis b/c it was all she would tolerate.  I gave her the GoodStart Soy from about 3 months until 12, when I switched her to milk.  I asked her pedi and she reassured me that it was the same.  Don't have mommy guilt - you're doing what's best for him and you!!
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  • Stop reading things on the internet! I had soy formula because I'm lactose intolerant (if you really want to get off soy, try Similac Sensitive), and I have a high IQ and no emotional issues. ;) I turned out pretty well, I think! Don't worry about it, tons of kids were on soy formula and are just fine and so will be your little one!
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  • I know ladies...thank you for reassuring me. I went a little google crazy yesterday and worked up my nerves. Thanks to britishbride also for setting me straight.

  • Definetly stop with the internet research girl. Nadia has been on soy since she was around 2-3 months old and it doing FABULOUS. Do not feel any guilt for no longer breastfeeding- you have nothing to feel guilty about. You are feeding your child and fulfilling all his needs and that's what's important.


  • imagekvwerne:

    I know ladies...thank you for reassuring me. I went a little google crazy yesterday and worked up my nerves. Thanks to britishbride also for setting me straight.

    anytime you need a swift kick in the butt, you know where to find me :-D  lol  stop googling!!!

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