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Another CD question

DH and I intend to CD--w/laundering at home, anyone out there have any recommendations on brands/companies?  I'm a bit overwhelmed by the choices with cost -vs- convenience -vs- effectiveness. 
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Re: Another CD question

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    We CD and launder at home. Have since birth. We use mainly prefolds (PFs) and occasionally BumGenius Onesize (BG OS). PFs are your most cost effective ($1-2 a diaper), while BGs are more expensive (about $18 a diaper). The BGs will last (in theory) a child from itty bitty to toilet training. They didn't really fit our DD until she was 3 or 4 months old.

    When DD was an itty bitty newborn we used both newborn pfs and Kissaluv Fitteds Size 0. The KLs were nice because they are easy to use (just snap on and put a cover over it) and they snap down in the front to accommodate  the healing umbilical cord/belly button. 

    We ordered all of our CDs, covers and accessories from Good prices, fast shipping and great customer service. Highly recommend them.

    Let me know if you have any other questions. You could also ask on the Eco Friendly Family board, those ladies really know their CD stuff! GL! 

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    We CD and launder at home.  I started off using Drybees Gone Natural Bamboo diapers with Thirsties covers.  Those are the best covers out there and you can use them with any prefold or fitted diaper.  We are just starting to use the Bum Genius 3.0 All in Ones and will use them until DS is out of diapers hopefully.  These have been great so far.  CD can be expensive but worth it in the long run if you use the one size or plan on using for more than one child.  Most of my diapers were previously owned and purchased on Diaper Swappers.   It's a great site to save money and, like I did, you can find diapers that either haven't been used much, or not used at all.  Another site I purchased from is MomsMilkBoutique. They are great, offer free shipping and packages, and always have a promo going. Use this link to get $10 off.  As for laundering, I have a big enough stash to wash every 3rd day so that I'm not constantly doing laundry.  You should get at least enough to last for 2 days or else you will be doing laundry daily.   I use Country Save detergent which I love and use for all my laundry (purchased on Amazon), but there are some other great detergents like Planet, Crunchy Clean, Allens just to name a few. 

    Feel free to ask me any other questions that you may have as I am always learning new things about CD.

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    We are going to CD, too. I've been looking at multiple sites to compare prices... They all seem to be pretty much the same price-wise. Some have free shipping, some only carry certain brands/types. There is a nestie (?) who owns a store ( and you can use NEST5 (I think) or NEST10 to get 5 or 10% off. I think she also has free shipping over $100 and maybe just $3 shipping if it's less. I've only bought from (some prefolds), and it came fast and had free shipping. The other sites I've looked at so far are babycottonbottoms, jilliansdrawers, momsmilkbotique (listed above) and diaperco. The girls on the EFF board like the prefolds from greenmoutain (?). There are alot of sites out there! Sorry, I can't help any with the quality quesion about brands!
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    We started a month ago with DS and it's been going well.

    We use Thirsties AIO's, BumGenius AIO's and FuzziBunz AIO's during the day, and Bamboozle's with a Thirsties cover and doublers at night. I like the AIO's even though they're pricey, because they are most like a diaper.

    I do my own laundry. 


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    DD is mostly PTd and we've spent under $500 on diapers total.

    For newborn, I bought a variety of used diapers (best size to do that with since they aren't used very long). I had a dozen infant sized PFs and about 10 pockets - mostly FBs size small (DD was able to fit in them almost immediately, she was 8lb at birth)

    I bought some BG one-size after that. I needed diapers that I could send to daycare 3x a week and ones with velcro are most like disposables and less confusing for others to use. DD can still wear the BGs now. I will have to get the elastic replaced in the legs to fit the new baby but that's only about $2 per diaper... so baby #2 could be diapered for almost free. So even though the BGs are not cheap up-front, they are very cheap in the long run!

    Where you buy them isn't very important as the costs tend to be the same, so just find a store that has what you want and has decent shipping costs - or find a local store to buy them in person. has a trial pack that is popular and only costs $10 to borrow a few diapers for a couple weeks.

    Even if you need to mostly buy PFs to keep costs low, I recommend getting 3-4 pockets or AIOs for when you are out just because they're easier to do fast.

    I think 18 is really the minimum number of diapers that will work. 24-30 diapers is probably easier though just to let you space your washing out a bit more.


    - Jena
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    Thank you ladies so much for the experienced recommendations!  It definitely  helps and narrows things down quite a bit for us.
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     I am late to the game, but we CD too. We use all BG 3.0s right now. They are so awesome. They really hold up well . We have only had a handful of leaks (and part of that right now is due to DS being a funky fit for them during this growth spurt) and we have never had a blowout. The leg gussets really hold everything in. We are going to have to redo some of the velcro on a couple (we bought some used and those ones are the ones that need to be redone) but even with that cost, it will be dirt cheap to diaper baby #2.

    When DS was a newborn, we had a trial of Kissaluvs from Sunshine diapers. It costs 219.00 but you get a 120.00 credit back when you return the diapers. You get to keep the diapers for 3 months, so basically you are diapering your baby for 40.00 a month - great deal! And you get 24, which is a great number to have for tiny babies, because they wet so much more than older babies.  You have to buy the covers for the Kissaluvs though, but that isn't much since you will only need newborn and small sizes if you go that route.  They also have another newborn trial set that has different kinds of diapers, so you can try some out before committing to one kind. Same deal where you get them for 3 months, and then return them.

    Prefolds are a lot more cost effective though. I was too intimidated by them, but my lil sis is thinking about doing prefolds for her LO due in December. I found this link on how to with prefolds and other diaper basics, and we might do that in addition to BGs for our next baby.  

    A good size stash will have at least 24. We have 27 and until DS was 7 months old, I was doing laundry everyday. because he is a pee machine. I can now space it out some (you have no idea what a relief that is!) but even with the laundry every day, it's not that big of a deal. It becomes part of your routine.

     This was a lot longer than I intended it to be, lol. GL choosing and have fun CDing your LO!

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