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DH and I have decided to TTC # 2.  We had IF problems before.  I was diagnosed as annovulatory.  DH checked out just fine.  I charted for 6 months, no with no obvious ovulation and never had a positive OPK.  My doctor had just given me a prescription for Clomid after the HSG showed that everything was okay.  It was the cycle after the HSG that I got pregnant.  (Which my doctor said she sees sometimes). 

I had a different OB while I was pregnant because we had moved.  We've since moved back and I'm back with the doctor that diagnosed my IF the first time.  At my annual check up a couple months ago she said that I wouldn't have to do all the testing again.  If, after 6 months, we hadn't conceived she would prescribe Clomid again based on my records.

I'm glad this board is here because it's hard to face IF again.  I start AF yesterday and had to start temping again.  I hated temping before because it showed nothing.  Day after day, month after month.  The only thing it did for me was to show my doctor that I didn't ever ovulate and had looong cycles.

I'm glad that this time it will be 6 months rather than a year before the doctor will take more action.  I'm just hoping, but worried, that my IF will be gone.  It's a long 6 months if you only have 2 or 3 cycles (rather than 6). 

 I guess I just wanted to say that I'll be around this board.  Thanks for the future support!

 P.S.  Fransisca, I feel like I know you after the 12-24 month board.  Our little boys are only a couple days apart in age.

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  • Welcome!!!
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    Welcome and Good Luck!!
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  • First off welcome!  How weird though, that is my basic diagnoses too.  The good thing is Clomid is a great drug for this diagnoses.  I'm sorry your doctor is not more supportive.  I'm learning that is more common than not unfortunately.  You can always try for a second opinion. This board is fabulous, everyone just is sooo supportive of each other and you can just be honest. 
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  • Welcome to the board - wishing you lots of luck!!
  • Welcome and goodluck!
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  • Welcome to the board!  I hope you don't end up being here too long!
  • Welcome and good luck!
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